The little things in life that make me happy ...

July 27, 2014

The things that make a person happy don't necessarily are the big things in life, do you agree? Granted, money and luxurious vacations makes happy and if someone says it doesn't, they are probably filthy rich anyway and go on vacation atleast four times a year. Money is not the only thing that makes people happy but it makes things much easier in life for sure. Trust me, I know.

I endeavor to find the little things in life that can make me happy and really, that is not a hard chore at all. I have always been a girl that can be thrilled with just the little things. I have told you once before that my family and me have dealt with extreme poverty, but that we were able to make our life as fancy as possible, as if we had plenty of luxury. The truth is, I like beauty, glamour, luxury, good food and drinks and whatnot, but I can enjoy the small things just as much, because in the end it's all about what you make of it. Dare to think out of the box, add a bit of glamour and spice to your daily life habits and voila ... you'll see that it's not just the big things in life that can bring you happiness.

I decided to share a list of the little things in life that thrill me and add some "cheap-ass glamour" to my daily life. Perhaps they can help you, too, to glamour and spice things up a bit.

 My favorite: drinking my cold drinks from a chic antique champagne or wine glass. Believe me, my morning glass of orange juice looks so much more beautiful. It sets the tone for the day, right? My tea or coffee are also consumed from a chic antique cup and saucer.

Putting on a vintage peignoir (mine is beautiful barely-there pink satin with lace and a bit see through) and then I enjoy pampering myself ( with vintage tips I also share here, ofcourse ): for example a facial mask with natural ingrediënts after a sea salt scrub, sipping a cocktail in-between, a new fresh hairdye, ice bath with a delicious smell, salt masks to pep my eyes, etc. Ofcourse with good music in the background.

Dine from fancy table- and flatware. I love this, it's also beautiful for the photos I make for my food blog, and, just as the champagne glass holding my orange juice, it looks so much more satisfying for the eye. No matter how ugly the food ... the dishes make up for it ;-). I find them at antique shops or just the recycle shops and I am so thrilled when I come home with more dishes; yesterday my boyfriend gifted me a beautiful plate from the Victorian era.

Wearing sexy undergarments - no matter what occasion. It's great to wear it for your beau, and ofcourse he's part of my plan, too, but I mainly wear it for me, myself and I. To feel sexy. I wear it when shopping, folding my laundry, whilst cooking, when visiting the doctor or my therapist, or just when I hang about in my house. And hey, you don't want to be found in your silly underwear if you get an accident and they have to tear your fancy frock away ;-). All my undergarments are from the 1930s and 1940s and these are damn sexy for even today's standards!
Having a cup of coffee with my mother. Talking about alllll kinds of things. And sometimes when Ben is away from home, galavanting in a field with other re-enactors portraying WWII, my mother stays the nights over. I am such a scaridy cat and don't have the guts to be alone at night. And you know, it's soooo nice when my mother stays the nights, watching films, talking a lot, having delish snacks. Ofcourse talking and laughing the night away with just a few hours of sleep.
Cuddling with my cat. Another favorite of mine. He is my everything. Always able to make me smile no matter how dire the situation.
Enjoying a picnic with Ben at the river Ijssel. Just the two of us away from our hectic daily life, with food and cocktails I made myself according to old recipes. We also bring an old radio (in it a mp3 player with old music)
Having a glass of Chardonnay whilst cooking. Pure relaxation for me. Ofcourse the Chardonnay contains no alcohol; I quit 11 months ago and that's where N/A Chardonnay steps in. It's routine for me when starting cooking. Pouring in a (fancy)glass of this bubbly liquid, turn on some good music, loudly, sing along loudly, too, and chop the vegetables away.

Compliments. Ofcourse I love to get them; however ... I always feel a little awkward when getting them and I never really know how to safe my face in such situations. But what I like more about compliments, is giving them and in particular to someone who least expects it. The look on their faces is priceless.
Sleepless nights with my boyfriend where we do nothing than laughing about silly things, or talk serious business.

Stay tuned for part 2

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  1. I've really enjoyed this post! You're right,happiness it can be made for little thinghs,pure plaisure!!!
    Much Love!


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