Reenactment weekend at Doornenburg castle (lots of photos)

July 01, 2014

Left to right: Corina, Maikel, Ben and me on day 2

A couple of months ago, Ben and I were asked by Imme, a friend of ours, if we were willing to participate in a reenactment event at Doornenburg castle, held at 25, 26, 27th of June. Ben and Imme both reenact German (the 716. Infantry-Division), but this weekend we were asked to appear as civilians.

Ben and I immediately said yes and I was looking forward to it quite a bit. It would be a great opportunity to see friends again, meet new people and show some history to children who visited the castle. And quite frankly, I could also use some action in my life aswell. I had been ill the days before, but I was not planning to let that ruin my reenactment weekend at a beautiful castle. I wanted to be there no matter what. Luckily I was rapidly back on the mend and my being sick was not a problem.

Ben and me on day 1. We had to get up extremely early, so coffee is always a must. Ofcourse in period perfect mugs. Photos are made by Corina.

I am sure that each and everyone of you is well aware with what historical reenactment actually is. But for those who don't know: it is an educational activity in which people follow a plan to recreate aspects of a historical event or period for the public. In our case it was 1944 and Market Garden just happened; the city was on fire and castle Doornenburg was besieged by Germans.

The Doornenburg castle was an important headquarter of the Germans in WWII, hence the abundance of German reenactors at this event, and it also explains why the Brits were held capture in the picture below. In 1945, the RAF bombed the castle. All that was left was a ruin. The castle was rebuilt again, and was finished in 1968. 

Day 2
British soldier Floris behind barbed wire.

Zjermans under command of Robert aka Albert Stür.
A beautiful shot of a German reenactor taken by the talented photogapher Erny van Wijk.

Imme, the master brain behind the event. Very well organized Imme!

Pauline was active in the resistance, throwing rope at the British soldiers below her

Michiel is being searched by German soldiers for hidden weapons. Why? My boyfriend Ben cooperated with the Germans and betrayed him.

"Feldlazarett" - Hospital in the dungeon of the castle

British soldiers held captive
Having a break. I am reading a Dutch film and theatre magazine from 1941.

We've been photographed so many times, so you can expect a part two!

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  1. oh these are pretty pictures! i've never been to any reenactments, so this sounds just devine. your dress and hat are so lovely!!!

    1. Thank you so much sweet gal! Reenactment events can be quite fun!

  2. Everything looks perfect, to the detail. Even the metal mugs.
    I've never seen one such event live; and I guess I'm missing out a lot. Not many folks here like reenactments, and if they do have them, they are usually one of those medieval ones (to my dislike).

    Can't wait for more...


    1. I just found another couple of photos, so they are on their way to this blog!

  3. This weekend I went to the first reenactment of this summer, but unfortunately the weather was horrible! Normally I take 100 photos or even more on one day and now I had one, just one photo of the whole event...
    But even when the weather is bad it's always nice to go to an reenactment event, I just love it to see everyone again and meeting new people and having a great time!

    xoxo Emma

    1. Yeahm, we had some pretty bad weather, too! Sometimes the sun was fairly warm but the rain was quite a nuisance.


  4. Wonderful post and array of photos. I just about squealed when I saw that your friends have a vintage baby carriage for their little one. That is so darling and something I'd love to have as well, if I'm ever blessed with a child.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. The carriage is, I believe, from the 1950s so it's not period perfect for a re-enactment event, but it did its purpose, meaning: it was a good hiding place for secret weapons and papers ;-)


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