Reenactment weekend at castle Doornenburg part 2

July 03, 2014

Like I already predicted, the photos slowly trickle in and I have been sent some more. The dress I am wearing is the Peggy wrapover dress with Mayflower print and is from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. I love this dress! It is made on an original 1940s pattern, and it is good for all occasions.

My hat is original 1940s and I felt like a real Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz in American Pickers. I found it in a chicken shed that was filled to the brim with old stuff. Antique Christmas ornaments, Antique Easter ornaments, clothing, hats, linen, kitchen  tools and so forth ...

The coat, which is from the late 1930s/early 1940s, was another item that I found in that shed; a simple coat, but so comfortable for colder spring days, or, like the rainy days we encountered on this event.

My shoes are my beloved 1940s wedges. I love them.

The snood I wore on the second day, is skillfully crafted by my dear friend Jip from Old-fashioned at heart. For a small fee she'll make you your own. It's beautifully made, sturdy and does not slide off your head.

Talking with friends in-between the action. On the photo you see Robert and Jeroen.

Being searched by Germans, but Ben was collaborating with the Germans and we got through - even me without ausweis (and dangerous papers hidden in my girdle ;-)).

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  1. Wonderfully lovely outfit, dear Lindsay, very much including that classic snood created for you by Jip. She does beautiful work!

    ♥ Jessica


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