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July 30, 2014

Today was a hard day for me but I won't go into detail, but when I came home, I could use some distraction and decided to set my mind on some beautiful interior photos on Pinterest. Whenever I am in a perible situation, I am decorating houses in all kinds of styles - in my head. I have always done this, even as a little girl when I had difficulties with sleep or counting sheep (counting sheep never worked for me.) My mother does this "head-decorating", too, by the way, so I think I have it from her.

These are my recent favorites. Enjoy!

I really like the floor and all the greenery in this image. I think I would have used different seats such as wicker chairs or something, to create a garden room effect. Great to read a good book and a huge cup of tea.

I absolutely LOVE everything in this image (except the door and the breadtin on top of it)

I love green walls; a much used color in the 1930s and I will definitely use it in our new home, though not exactly this color but a more darker tone.

As a kid I loved houses with little stairs to another room, just like we have in our current home.
Little stair to the kitchen, little stair to the bedroom and so fort. This is such a nice place to have a dining table.

What about this photo is not gorgeous, right? Exactly, everything is just amazing.
I love, love, love wood elements and this floor is to die for. And that ceiling!

Such a great use to store your most beautiful dinnerware and such. It is so different than the usual cupboards you see in everyone and their mother's home.

I love the carpet, the floor ... but what I love most are those two shower doors.
I think I would make up a reason to stay in the bathroom all day and gasp at those doors.

This floor is absolute heaven. It looks a little like ours but so much more beautiful.
I have thing for "worn-out" wooden floors and luckily in the 19430s, wooden floors is what they had.
The ceiling is a pleasure for the eye, too.

Gorgeous sink, don't you think?

Those stairs with those laterns! Beau-teee-ful! The door next to the stairs aswell + the floor! I love it all-together; beautiful wood work.

In the 1930s, racks were used often for kitchen tools and I love that idea for the pans displayed in the photo above. I love the greenery (basil if I am correct - a gorgeous smell for the kitchen, I have it displayed there, too) and the potato basket aswell. Cutting board, too.


Ohhh I could go on for ages, but I don't want to bore the hell out of you.

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