My Dinner Party with the Famous

July 26, 2014

I like dinner parties, I like cooking, I love good food and good company; I also love creating tablescapes that fit the atmosphere of the food served, and in which my heart for design can be released. When I am cooking for the homefront (just the two of us actually), I always go wild with dressing our table, as if the king himself will be joining us. The only thing missing is some staff ;-)

For quite a while now I am cracking my head for some original posts that challenge me with writing, and posts that will also be interesting for you to read, too. I know that many of you like the old beauty tips (which make still so much sense today, as it did back then doesn't it?) and the questionnaires, but it would be nice to have a bit more versatility, aswell.

When I read about this topic for a blog post, I was enthusiastic about it immediately and decided to have a go at it myself. The people I want to welcome at my dinner party are all long gone; so much for a dinner party I guess, but I think it can be interesting to see who I would invite and what for. It it not a list you would expect.

1. Evita Peron

Leaving aside whether she did good or bad, Evita would make a truly interesting dinner guest seen from a political view. She was well-spoken and extremely charming; she knew how to get people where she wanted them. Although she's described as a megalomaniac, she knew how to entice "the descamisados" in Argentina and she acquired a lot of followers for her husband Juan Perón; Evita presented herself as a living image of the fantasy and dreams of working class Argentina - after all she belonged to the descamisados herself once and look at her now, look how she crawled up! I think it would be interesting to observe Evita play her game. She is not declared a Saint in Argentina without a reason.

2. Marilyn Monroe
It does not need much explanation but when you host a dinner party, ofcourse Marilyn should be present. Marilyn is my favorite icon since I was a very little girl, and she has inspired me so much throughout my life. We have (and for me are) battling the same demons.

3. Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln has meant a lot for black people. As is well known, Lincoln abolished slavery. But, on the other hand, and what many don't know, is that Lincoln was not thát good as people sometimes present him. He still didn't saw black people as fully-fledged; he didn't want them to have the right to vote - to just name an example. Yet, I find Lincoln an extremely intriguing man and he would be a joy to watch and interesting as dinner guest.

4. Lou Andreas-Salomé
Lou is a woman I réally look up to. At such a young age she was already so much ahead of her time and oh, she had quite the brains; she was extremely intelligent. She was also charismatic and was never short of admirers. She had an interesting circle of friends: Friedrich Nietszche (who was obsessed with her), Paul Rée, Sigmund Freud, Käthe Kollwitz, Rainer Maria Rilke ... to name but a few. Lou is one of the most intriguing, undogmatic humanities of the 19th century. Her view on literature and psychoanalysis would be refreshing and would make her a nice discussion partner.

5. Jeannie Gunn
A couple of years ago in the heat of a terribly heatwave, I settled in my garden with a strawberry Daiquiri and started reading Jeannie's autobiographical novel "We of the Never Never". As described in her book (which is a novel but it describes her experiences), Jeannie was the first white woman to settle in the Mataranka area (Australia) in 1902. She traveled with her husband who had some work to do there. She made quite a few concessions to do this: she was of high standards and had to leave all this behind. Yet she tried to cling onto that live for as much as she could and she took with her all her expensive dresses and fabrics; for this (among many other things) she was frowned upon by the locals, who were not used to have a (white) woman among them; she was treated as trash, she was alienated and felt very lonely. Her book describes the journey and the settling in. The book reads so wonderfully that it was as if it was mé in the Mataranka area (the heatwave helped). So, would it not be interesting to hear all this from Jeannie herself? The book is a must read and comes with my highest recommendation!

6. Marie Antoinette
I hope she shows up wíth her head attached, cause we have some serious shoe-buziness to talk about.
7.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
He'll be good for some music when we retreat from the dining table. However, Mozart is renowned for talking and joking about farts, so I cross my fingers he won't mention it whilst dining.

8. Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)

When I was 10, I was on vacation in Montribourg, France, with my parents, younger sister and grandparents. It was the vacation of my life; it was in rural France with no people to be seen in the wide surroundings. It was dead silence, with in the evening the noise of crickets in the dark forest nearby. When you walked through tiny villages, the people were spying on you from their bedroom windows and they would close it as soon as you saw them; these people were still getting their water from a draw-well. It was as if I ended up in the Middle Ages. It would not surprise me if these people were still burning red-headed women on the stake. I had no idea these villages still excisted. I would give anything to go back there again.

We stayed in a enormous house with 5 bedrooms, 1 enormous kitchen, 1 large living room with a huge fireplace, 2 bathrooms, 1 library and a huge flower field and a forest attached to the house, and a little river streaming with a lot of butterflies adorning the environment. We also rode horses in the forest; it was heaven, and we stayed there for 2 weeks. Anyway: not far from it was Jeanne d'Arcs birthplace, Domrémy, and we visited it. I became so intrigued by this strong woman and the stories I heard about her. As a little girl, I decided that, whatever battle I have to face in my life, I would be as brave as Jeanne d'Arc. So I would like to thank her for giving me so much fighters spirit.

9. Charles Lindbergh
I am very interested in aviation and it would be extremely interesting to talk about this with none other than Charles Lindbergh.


You thought I would invite Hollywood, didn't you!? :-D 
I am curious whom you would invite! Please tell me.

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  1. Stellar post, sweet Lindsay. I really loved reading about the famous faces that would grace your dinner table and why each of them made the cut. That rural French village sounds incredible, too - I adore places that still have a foot firmly planted in the past like that.

    ♥ Jessica


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