Floral strolls and a new house?

July 02, 2014

You might have seen this dress already in my photos of the reenactment weekend post below, but I thought I'd properly introduce it to you. I have this dress for quite a while now, and it is again another marvelous design of The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. That means that this is a dress that is made on an original 1940s pattern. It is the 1940s Peggy wrapdress with Mayflower print. 

I absolutely love it. It's airy and thus perfect for hot summer days. I am also wearing my original 1940s wedges, which walk heavenly. These are the only truly comfortable authentic shoes in my collection actually. Just divine!

Goodbye platina blonde!
As you can see, I am growing my platina hairdye out. Ouwch, what a painful process! The hair outgrowth might not look like such a pain in the ass, since I am a blonde/slightly reddish naturally, but when the sun is not shining it's quite ugly. 

I will really miss the platina haircolor; I love it to no end, but my hair is getting thinner and thinner and as the Jean Harlow fans know, that little lady started to wear a wig at the end of her life, for dying it so many times that she grew almost bald. I want to avoid that to all cost ofcourse. I still have a lot of hair ... I have always had a lot of hair and I would like to keep it that way.

Yes I am wearing different shoes here; original 1940s platform slingback pumps.

A new house?
There will be some change in our lives! Ben and I got news that we are eligible for a new house. If we like it, and if all goes well, we will be moving out of our apartment by the end of this month and moving in, in a 1920s house with a garden in Zutphen. It is a house that we would love to have since this fits our lifestyle so well. It would be a dream come true. Will you cross your fingers for us?

Today it was such lovely weather and we decided to walk to where our potential new house is located. It is near a beautiful piece of ground where people have allotments. It was the perfect location with its beautiful flora and fauna; floral-y just like my dress.

Also on the photo, ofcourse, is the object of my affection in his work clothing; my boyfriend Ben! He hates photos but I love him as the subject.

All of his clothing is originally vintage!

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  1. Wow Lindsay , I'm so happy for you and I' ll cross my fingers for your new house! A beautiful flowered garden is a dream to me , I live in a very small flat in the city with no parks or gardens near so I try to surround myself with lovely small and bloomy plant that I can take care indoor . They make me so happy ! Let me say you're so gorgeous , love your radiant skin, beautiful eyes and figure! The dress is so cute and you're right , the wedge look so confortable!

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart, your words make me smile from ear to ear!
      We are living in the middle of the city, too, but Zutphen is not that big and the beautiful nature surrounds us.


  2. I'm crossing my fingers, my arms.. my legs.. having a house to call it home is such a HUGE dream of mine, so I get quite emotional when I find out someone has reached this dream. I'm hoping it all turns out marvelously, dear!
    Dress you're wearing is divine. More I look at the clothes other wear, more I frown upon my miniscule wardrobe (and hope, some day in some way, a huge trunk will land in my yard, and it'll be filled with lovely frocks) :)

    As for you hair: I wouldn't call your natural hair reddish, noooo.. I'd say it's golden honey color. Sounds much better, right? :D


    1. I hope all will be well with the house. There's a 50% chance it will not be ours. I am hoping so much it will!

      My mother is a redhead, so I have inherited the genes and you can see it when my platina is all gone. But you have to look réally good to see it ;-)

  3. Warm, gorgeous images and outfit, sweet dear. I love how well the colour black suits you. It tends to wash me out, so I don't wear a lot of near my face, but on you it brings your colouring to surface and compliments your soft blonde locks superbly.

    I'm really excited for your guys and am keeping my fingers, toes and braids all crossed for you!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Sweet, wonderful you! Thank you so much for your lovely compliments and words!


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