Fashion Friday: Fashion for 1932 [ Weekly Feature ]

Violet blue crêpe and satin are combined in this afternoon dress.
The blouse is of the satin side, joining the skirt in a deep V with the crêpe worked up to a high line at the side.

Jean in a chartreuse green crêpe.
The bodice follows the empire waist line which is
emphasized by a sunburst ray of bugle beads.
The skirt is made in vertical flares, molded to fit the figure.
These natty blue sailor trousers are completed with a soft blue crêpe blouse, open at the neck,
and particularly becoming to Jean Harlow.
Jean is striking in this fascinating black and white angel skin satin evening gown. It is distinguished by its crossing diagonal bands in black satin which widen into circular panels at the side, with a dolman sleeved jacket bended at the cuff with silver fox.


  1. Oh, I just love this fashion!

  2. I love the bias-cut. All the dresses of the old Hollywood amaze me.
    And the ladies wearing them, to me they almost look unreal, transparent. The figures were long, sleek and slender. But, strangely: they do not look anorexic, right?
    As a matter of fact, I'd love to have one of those dresses, to wear tomorrow. It's our town's main fair, and a lot of guests are coming. I am called to be the hostess.
    Unfortunately, it got so cold, and it rains.. I think I won't be able to wear a dress.. so, now I have to shop for a shirt to go with the white pants (surely, I will not accept to be seen in black pants - not my style) :)



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