30 random facts about me!

July 05, 2014

1. I hate sport and I have always hated it - but it has nothing to do with laziness. At school I always tried to get out of it by writing little notes - trying my best to copy my mum's handwriting - saying I had a trauma for gym outfits. I have always tried this, at every school, and usually got away with it. I desperately need to shape up these days, but I am very hesitant to visit the gym. When I did my security guard training, sports were a necessity ( fitness and jiu jitsu - 8 hours a week!). When we had 4 hours of fitness, I spent my time sitting on the fitness machine for pregnant women, chatting the hours away with my school friends whilst ''''exercising'''' my legs (open, close, open, close and so forth). At the end of the year .. I had quite the legs! These days I do a bit of dancing and Pilates ..... when I feel like it ;-)

2. My favorite way to spend the evening is to listen to some good music, watching old films for fashion inspiration, pampering myself, sipping from a N/A cocktail or champagne whilst munching away selfmade vegetable chips or Sushi. In my most comfortable outfit: boyfriends pj's (which are way too big for me ;-))

3. I barely wear jewellery. I really like it, but I can't handle it. Earrings for example, I usually take them off within no time. Bracelets are always a nuisance to me aswell. Plus, bracelets are always too big for me. But I love bakelite bracelets from the 1940s! However, less is more I think and because I have quite a distinctive way of dressing, the jewellery would make it too much. It doesn't really suit me either.

4. Although Ben and I are living our lives as nostalgists, we met eachother on Facebook three years ago! It was love at first sight when we met eachother for the first time in real life; we spent our first date watching old movies, talking a helluva lot, sipping wine and dined with huge hamburgers in Schiller!

5. My strongest trait is my eloquence! Sometimes people can be a bit intimidated by me and my way of speaking. Although eloquence is usually a natural talent, I think I have improved it to overshadow my hopeless shyness. It really works; only my blushing face, sometimes, gives away that I am a shy girl :-)

6. I am a real morning person; I am at my brightest that time of the day. I cannot sleep till late and I burst with energy already 08.00 in the morning. Ben ... on the other hand ...

7. Cooking is a bit of a therapy for me. I love to do it, and old recipes require quite some skills with kitchen equipment that is not so labor saving as modern kitchen devices are and I love it ;-). I turn on some good music, pour in a N/A Chardonnay and when it's done .. ofcourse photograph it for my food blog!

8. My friends compare me to a Japanese tourist: I photograph literally everything! I see the world in photos and just snap them how I have it in my mind.

9. I collect antique Christmas ornaments.

10. I procrastinate. Which is not so bad ... I work better under pressure.

11. Each night I have a nightmare. Never do I have pleasant dreams. My dreams always are about being stalked, murdered or being tortured. They also are about war, and the death of beloved ones. I always experience a lot of fear.

12. I do sleepwalk. Once I was standing on a folding chair -naked- whilst over-feeding my domestic pet rats. Their whole cage was filled with food. I was very ashamed when my boyfriend told me this the next morning, but I can have a good laugh about it now. Luckily I didn't got the idea in my head of walking the dog, since I was in the nude.

13. I hate crowds.

14. I am very interested in Galaxies, planets and so forth.

15. I have never dreamt about getting married. I am not the marrying kind of gal.

16. I easily bruise, no matter what I do I bruise wáy too quickly. When I push my finger in my leg, gently, I can count on it that I have a bruise the next day.

17. I read really fast.

18. I never had a best female friend. I had and have female friends, but never considered them as my best friend. My best friends were and are men.

19. When I was a young'un I was such a dork that I knew almost every Dinosaur species that ever existed. I also knew (and still know) every cat and dog breed.

20. I can barely stand physical contact. I already had this since birth, but a negative experience made it worse.

21. I cannot stand (no I really hate) men who are a mothers child. Ofcourse it's more than normal when a man loves his mother ... but I have known men who were too extreme in this. And these men come with a very, very jealous mother who are real witches as a mother in law. 

(My current mother in law is wonderful by the way, and she really is the first one!)

22. I have nothing with religion. Fine if someone else is religious ... but do not force it upon me! Live and let live.

23. I was a vegetarian from my 17th till my 20th.

24. I was the most horrible teenager a parent can imagine. I was rebellious ... very!

25. My mother wanted to name me Emma Emily, but my father was against it.

26. Spring is my favorite time of the year!

27. My favorite color is emerald green.

28. I am half German.

29. I hate socks. I never wear them.

30. I am exactly 1.62½ tall.

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  1. Such a nice post, happy to know more about you:)

  2. I love this post , it is so nice to know something new about you , and yes , we share a lot of things : favourite colour , favourite season , the dislike for men who are a mothers child , the easily bruise or costants nightmare.... they scared me alot...

    1. Thanks so much, and it is really nice to know that we have some much in common! xoxo

  3. Sweet dear, thank you for sharing such a diverse array of candid, personal, and highly interesting things about yourself with us. Once again I discovered more that we share in common, such as a dislike of crowds, always (or at least almost always in my case) having bad dreams, having a certain eloquence to the way you speak that puts some people off, being a speedy reader, bruising easily (I like to say that I bruise easier than an overripe peach), and being half German (I'm Canadian and was born in Canada, but if you tally up the nationalities of all of my great-grandparents, I'm more than half German, the other half is a mix of English, Russian, and French/French Canadian).

    Big hugs, dear kindred spirit,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Wow, you have some foreign blood running through your vains! As for me, just Dutch and Deutsch ;-)

      I really like the fact we have so much in common! But hopefully in the near future we'll be having more pleasant dreams!

  4. Most amazing, thoughtful and personal list, my dear Lindsay.
    Thank you ever so much for opening up to us..

    By the way: is there a legitimate way to explains the hatred of contact? (my life would be easier if there was a medical term that explains it) :)



    1. I believe there is something; but I have forgotten the name. Hmmmm.


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