My Beauty Hint: Loretta Young [ Weekly Feature ]

[ L O R E T T A    Y O U N G - S C R E E N    A C T R E S S

"Every woman wants to keep her hair fluffy and beautiful, and here is how I learned to do it. My hairdresser told me not to wash my hair too frequently, as it would take the life out of it. So now I dip my hair in cleaning fluid every other day while I am working. It works fine; keeps soft and fluffy. I just put my head in the wash bowl and have the cleaner poured over it. It dries in a very short time."


  1. Don't you just love when beauty tips from 60, 70, 80+ years are almost word-for-word versions of those so often stated in magazines (and on TV) today as though they were just discovered five minutes ago! This, to me, is one such tip and it plays into the current trend in the last few years for dry shampoos to boot.

    ♥ Jessica


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