Fashion Friday: Evening fashions [ Weekly Feature ]

Another perfect holiday frock is this one,
worn by Fay Wray in "Master of men".
The satin bodice is cut low in front but Kalloch has discreetly
covered the shoulders with a collar-like effect.
The twisted halter about the neck is an amusing
idea and can be removed if you prefer.
You must have a duplicate of this charming lamé  gown which Rita Kaufman has designed for Helen Vinson to wear in "As Husbands Go." It is one of those ideal holiday party dresses - formal yet not so much so that you couldn't wear it to dinner and theatre. The ruffled collar is of the gold lamé lined with blue taffeta. Fullnes at hem.

The tunic for evening! Here it is at its best as worn by
Fay Wray in "Master of Men." Fay has included this in her
personal wardrobe and recently wore it to a première in
Hollywood.  The tunic is entirely beaded with a high neckline
which is slit to the waist in the back.
The skirt beneath is of matching satin,
rather full with a long train
And ostrich again. The lovely gown, above, of pale green chiffon, is lavishly trimmed with uncurled ostrich feathers of the same shade. Travis Banton designed it for Marguerite Churchill to wear in "Girl Without a Room." The ostrich is massed below the shoulders of the gown, the chiffon cape is trimmed with it, too. A romantic dress. 

© Courtesy of Photoplay, 1936


  1. These are oozing with such chic sophistication. I've long admired the stunning bias cut gowns of the 1930s, but alas, I lake the inches (height wise) and willowy figure needed to pull them off with great success, so I'll remain a faithful fan, not a wearer (in all likelihood at least) myself.

    Great post, dear gal, I just have to say how much I like the way you arranged the photos and text in columns.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I fear they wouldnt suit me either; I have a ridiculous short middle.

  2. There we go - I fainted from too much amazing fashion! :=



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