The Brunette Is A Vivacious Beauty Type

Sparkling eyes, dark, shiny hair, ruby lips and rose-petal skin -- how vibrant and vivacious brunette loveliness! The key to blonde beauty is delicacy, to brunette beauty it is depth. The darker the eyes and hair, the more they should be accentuated.

The brunette is a vivid personality and her makeup and costume colors should enhance her individual charm. Also, she is wise to keep her hair dark and sleek, brushed to mirror brightness. It is much simpler to keep dark hair dark, than to keep light hair light. In the following, I shall outline suggested makeup shades for brunettes. But, bear in mind that these are arbitrary, not only because individual coloring varies, but also because when I say a "naturelle or rachel" shade of powder, and a "raspberry or medium shade" of rouge, I mean the shade most manufacturers call by that name. If we were to put all the "raspberry" rouges together we would find them varying from a very light to very dark. Likewise with powder. That is why it is necessary to do personal experimenting. I am giving you the general hints here, because my series on makeup has brought such deluge of letters asking "but just what shades shall I use."

Types of Brunettes
Brunettes, like blondes, fall into several classes. We have the:

Anglo Brunette - brown eyes, brown hair and ivory skin. Many who fall into this type, call themselves "just brownies" or "in-betweens". Yet, it is these inbetweens that can achieve perfection by attention to details in good grooming and makeup as well as costume colors, and making themselves distinct and appealing personalities. Color is the very essence of the "brownie's" beauty. A medium raspberry tone of rouge and lipstick will not only deepen her own coloring, but will also add a sparkle to her eyes. Her powder should be a warm rachel shade. She can wear a touch of eyeshadow even in the daytime. But it should be very subtly applied, just a hint of it to make the eyes look larger and deeper. For evening, a blue or green eyeshadow under artificial lights is alluring, and a touch of dark brown mascara on upper lids. A bit of orchid or lavender powder blended with her daytime powder makes an enchanting effect for evening.

The Celtic Brunette - blue eyes and raven hair and creamy skin. Color contrast is her boast. Either a vivid, violet-red rouge of dark tones or no rouge at all if her skin is quite fair, but accents on the lips and eyes. A warm ivory or creamy rachel powder. Coral rouge for evening and creamy powder. Black mascara and deep blue eyeshadow.

The Latin Brunette - dark eyes, dark hair and olive skin. A subdued orange-red lipstick and rouge of dark tones, powder to exactly match her skin, dark brown or black mascara sparingly applied for evening and eyeshadow (it will surprise you) not black, but blue or green.

If the skin is fair, accent the contrast between dark hair and fair skin by cosmetics and costume colors. Warm, vivid colors harmonize with the brunette's personality.

The Milwaukee Sentinel, 1932
written by Elsie Pierce ©


  1. This lovely beauty post would find favour with my husband, as brunette is is favourite hair colour for women (red, thankfully for me, is second :)).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It's my favorite, too, with red as a very, very close second! I am dying to become a brunette or redhead but I can't seem to part with my blonde tresses.

  2. This is wonderful! Now I'm not sure if I am a Anglo Brunette or Latin Brunette. Sweet Lindsay, by what you've seen on my photos, which one do you think is me?

    By the way have you seen my blog yet? :o)
    Something simple...

    I'm preparing a post for this week about colour, but on a different scenario ;-)

    And darling Lindsay, you would look gorgeous with any colour of hair! I can imagine you very very charmingly with brown hair, would suit your face lines and your beautiful green eyes, you would look enigmatic and exotic. But indeed, it's quite of a change from your almost gorgeous blond hair!

    Sending my love to you!
    Miss Beta xx

    1. I do think that you are the anglo brunette! Such a lovely color. I wish I had that color!
      Your blog is lovely, but I am in love with your handcrafted 1930s blouse. When my finances are in a better situation I would love to buy one from you. It is divine.



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