Novelty scotties and 1940s wedges

May 31, 2014

Last week I have been trying to snap some outfit photos of the ensemble I am wearing in the photos. Alas, everytime I stepped outside, the weather interfered and it began pouring with rain. But when I woke up today I saw that the sun was shining bright and I took my chance.

I am wearing - for the first time since years - a reproduction dress. I always, and will always, prefer original vintage above reproduction, but sometimes, and in some situations, you wish the clothing you wear is repro. When I am wearing authentic vintage I am always very careful to move freely ( I bet many of you vintage guys and gals can relate ) and sometimes you just don't want to think about your clothing which, on an active day, might perhaps tear or something. 

When the time comes that I do want to wear repro for once, I search for a reproduction dress that truly resembles the dresses of my favorite era - yes I am very picky. It was the case with the cute navy blue scottish terrier novelty print. The dress is from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury and these dresses are made on authentic 1940s patterns. I loved the dress instantly (as I did with almost all of their dresses) and I knew I had to have it. I was delighted with joy to see that my size was still available.

Scottish terriers are one of my favorite dog breeds and was also a popular breed in the 1930s and 1940s. You don't see them that often in the Netherlands but coincidentally, after snapping these photos, we came passed one on our walk home.

Danielle Darrieux with her Scottie.

I miss my dog Kimbo to walk with. My landlord doesn't allow dogs, so my Jack Russell terrier still lives with my mother. When Ben and I will move house, I do want to have a dog again ( and another cat: a Devon Rex ) but I am still pondering if I want a Scottie or a Borzoi. Quite a difference in height, I am aware *lol*.

My shoes are original 1940s wedges. Eversince I became enamored with the 1940s, I also instantly fell in love with the beautiful wedges of that time. I was never able to find these shoes, and the reproduction ones were a tad too expensive for me. I was so filled with joy when I found these on the dutch equivalent of Ebay, and I got them quite cheap, too, so I knew this would be my chance to own a pair myself.

I immediately brough them to the shoe cobbler; the strap didn't seemed to be too sturdy due to the fragility of the 80 year old elastic on the back of the ankle strap and I wouldn't take a chance and ruin the leather. The cobbler put in new elastic and they are as new! They are lovely aren't they? 

Last week, I went with my beloved boyfriend and brother-in-law to an outskirt area of the Netherlands, where a huge chicken shed stood, with tons of vintage clothing. I was in heaven; there was not only clothing but also tons of books, kitchenware, bedding, antique christmas ornaments, antique easter ornaments and much much much more. All from a period before the 1960s.

I found two dresses both from the 1930s, a 1930s hooded evening dress cloak (ahh that one is so gorgeous), a summer coat from the 1940s and two hats; one from the 1930s and the other from the 1940s. I am wearing the latter. The feather on the back of the hat is in terrible condition, but I haven't been able to replace it with a better looking one. I want a pheasant feather and I didn't have those at home. I have them at my mothers house and I slap myself for not bringing them to Zutphen. Oh well, next week!

I have bought two more reproduction dresses, so expect more outfit posts in the upcoming days/weeks. It sure is a welcome change on the 30 day writing challenge posts, no?

Anyway, I am gonna pour in a N/A Chardonnay and start cooking!

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  1. what a beautiful day it looks like you're having. wonderful pictures! the iron fence is a dream and that dress is perfect. i just love the idea of the scottie print!!!


    1. Thank you so darling Abigail. The weather was so lovely! The dress is gorgeous indeed!

    2. Looooovely dress and shoes Lindsay , you're always flawless!

    3. Thank you so, so, so much dear gal!

    4. Uuuh, Lindsay, this dress is fantastic! It really looked vintage to me, I think the fabric and print choice help on that.

      It was really good fun to read your post today (finally I had the time). I was all week looking at Scotties because I want to knit something with cute scotties design! And your dress is an inspiration! :-)

      Much love from me,
      Miss Beta xx

  2. Such a beautiful dress! I just can't go by a cute novelty print, and there's not much cuter than little Scottie dogs!


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