[ Newspaper throwback ] Norma Shearer's beauty secrets - Movie star detests powdered look

Those who know her intimately consider her a wonder at the art of grooming. Those who have seen her in public know how perfectly turned out she appears at all times. Simple, smart clothes and a very natural makeup are characteristic of Norma Shearer's good taste. One of her pet beauty secrets has to do with powder. She detests that powdered look and thinks that since transparent skin is the loveliest type, it ought to be simulated or encouraged.

Miss Shearer uses two shades of powder. A peach shade first which she feels simulates a blush underneath the skin. Then she blends rachel or dark tan on top. She gets quite tanned and therefor uses a dark shade in the summer. For blonds or women who like to stay lily-white, she recommends the use of the shade they prefer the year 'round.

The blending, by the way, is done with the softest camel's hair brushes and a final brushing completes the toilette. This tones down shine and leaves a lovely, groomed look that is anything but obviously "powdered".

Any number of women I know feel as Miss Shearer does about powder. In fact, some dispense with powder entirely during the summer and strive for a slightly dewy effect. This is very youthful and only the young can affect it.

The Milwaukee Sentinel, 1938
by Elsie Pierce


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