[ Newspaper Throwback ] Clara Bow explains what makes a girl Alluring.

"There's one thing that stands out above all others in making a girl really alluring", says Clara Bow, whose vivid beauty and personality have won her world fame in motion pictures. It's lovely skin.

"You may have marvelously appealing eyes -and alot of charm- and a beautiful figure. "But just notice the way people cluster around a girl who has a lovely skin! And, any girl can have a lovely skin if she takes good care of it!."

"I got my first chance in the movies, partly, atleast, because of what my father calls my 'baby-smooth' skin. You see, motion picture directors found out long ago that, unless a girl has marvelous skin, she can never make millions of hearts beat faster when she appears in a close up. The incandescent lights reveal the tiniest flaw in the skin. That's why we, motion picture actresses, have to keep our skin at its very best every minute."

Several years ago some of us began using Lux Toilet soap, and we were enthusiastic about it. So other screen stars began to use it - until it wasn't long before almost every important actress in Hollywood was using it. Janet Gaynor, Joan Crawford, Billie Dove, Bebe Daniels, Dorothy MacKaill. Take Nancy Carroll, for instance, one of Paramount's most fascinating girls. She keeps her fair skin delectable as an apple blossom with Lux Toilet soap. And Mary Brian, too. Her skin is clear and smooth as a little girl's. Jean Arthur, too, keeps her skin lovely with Lux Toilet soap.

"In fact," Clara Bow goes on to say "nearly every girl I know in Hollywood uses this soap. And aren't we glad that we have kept our skin in good condition - the talkies have even more close-ups than the silent pictures have!"

"When I get letters from girls all over the country - so many of them saying nice things about my skin - I long to answer every one of them and tell these girls that they keep their skin just as beautifully smooth as we screen stars do by using Lux toilet soap." 

The Pittsburg press, 1930


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