Blonde beauty - don't throw that golden fairness into the background


So few blondes have a pink and white complexion and I've often wondered why many blondes continue using pink or white powder. With the Summer vogue for suntanning most women realized that powder should be changed and darkened. But I've seen blondes with healthy, natural coloring use the lightest powder available, and the contrast was unbecoming. On the other hand, some blondes with fair skin, light eyes and ash blonde hair err by using make-up that is too vivid, too brilliant.

When the hair is naturally light and skin fair, play it up. Don't throw that "golden fairness" into the background with too startling make-up. Black mascara, heavy brow penciling, startling eyeshadow produce a hard effect. Mascara should be brown, penciling very light, eyeshadow grey or blue, and only a suggestion at that. A delicate tint of cream rouge is indicated, too.

Becoming colors for blondes
Do study yourself, your coloring, and endeavor by make-up and color of costume to enhance and beautify. Make-up should harmonize with hair, eyes and skin. Costumes should highlight them. Here are a few general hints as to becoming colors. If your eyes are blue, gray, violet, or green, and your hair golden, you can wear: Blue, blue violet, gold, lighter shades of green, blue green, all shades of orchid, and some shades of beige, yellow, and gray (especially the blue gray and rose gray.)

Avoid brown, orange, purple, and oftentimes silver and red. If your eyes are brown, then golden shades of brown, henna, burnt orange, and soft shades of purple, might be permissable. Black is a good shade for blondes, if worn with color accents. The warm, off white shades look well on many blondes.

Keep Blonde Hair Light.
It is a problem to keep light hair golden, without bleaching, and generally any bleaching, no matter how light, will make blonde hair brittle and hard to manage. Only the very finest shampoo should be used. No harsh soaps or caustic agent ever for blonde hair. Castile soap is an excellent shampoo for blonde hair. Always reduce soap to jelly by adding a pint of water and allowing it to simmer over a slow fire until dissolved. Even when going to hairdressers for my shampoo I like to take along my own personal bottle of shampoo. 

Blonde hair particularly need rinses. Cammomile tea leaves, lemon and and weak peroxid solutions are the rinses popularly used. The lemon rinse is particularly delightful, as it cuts the soap curd and brightens the hair at the same time. But always use a final rinse of clear, cool water.

The Reading Eagle, 1934
© Elsie Pierce


  1. How interesting that she went so far as to bring along her own shampoo to the hairdressers. I can just imagine what most would think these days if a customer did that! (Though, personally, I feel they're well within their rights to do so, especially if like me you have super sensitive skin and often get rashes from soaps and beauty products, especially those with scents and dyes.)

    Have a fabulous Friday, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, that made me chuckle a bit when I read it. Cause, being very visual, I saw the expression of the hairdresser, when someone pops out there own bottle of shampoo. These days you would be frowned upon haha.

      I wish you a marvelous friday, too! <3


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