You should look your loveliest for evening

[ Elsie Pierce tells how to freshen appearance after strenuous day ]The Milwaukee Sentinel, september 4, 1938 -

You may be excused if you look a bit hot, weary or worn after 18 holes of golf or several sets of tennis. Frock may be a bit wrinkled, socks dusty, hair a bit damp. But come to the evening and you are expected to look fresh again, rested, and beautiful. The answer: A definite beauty schedule for hair, face, hands and body.

First - rub head, hair and scalp with a turkish towel to absorb perspiration and oil. Then brush hair vigorously with a clean brush. Coax the waves back in place and secure with bobbie pins. Roll the ends in your favorite curlers and don a fingerwave net. Then cleanse your skin thoroughly and pat with iced skin tonic to tone and freshen. Apply one of the lovely cream masks if there is time for it to harden and beautify. Otherwise, pat on a little nourishing cream with a gentle upward patting motion. Leave the cream on the skin while you take a warm scented bath. Soak in it to relieve any tenseness and soothe tired muscles. After your bath an alcohol rub or still better, a generous sprinkling of eau de cologne - rub it on arms, legs, shoulders, back. A 10 minute nap, with pads of eye lotion over the eyes, will rest you surprisingly. Relax completely.

Daytime makeup must be subdued. Eyeshadow, mascara, deep lipsticks and nailpolishes do not seem suitable with tailored, simple sport clothes. But in the evening you can be as exotic as you please. Use a light foundation base - liquid, cream or cake form. Blend smoothly, evenly. Apply a cream or liquid rouge. Blend edges so that they fade away imperceptibly. Then pat on powder. Take time to do it properly. Smooth on with a blending brush. Brush lashes free of powder. Use an eyebrow pencil if brows are to light. Apply eyeshadow to the lids - select a flattering shade with flecks of gold or silver for the glistening effect, then mascara (and it is obtainable in green, blue, purple, as well as brown and black). Then for your lipstick. A shiny, bright shade for night.

And - voila, you are beautiful! Follow a definite "beauty schedule" and you will always be lovely but for the special evening when you want to look your loveliest, take advantage of the many beauty aids leading cosmeticians have created for you!


  1. this is nice. i just love old beauty tips.
    that and it always seems my hair looks best right before i go to bed! sometimes i find it quite frustrating.
    now i need to find something to do or someplace to go in the evenings!


    1. I look my best in the morning! But I get what you mean! When I brush my hair out it doesn't go the way I want it to and at the end when I am retiring to bed and brush out my hair ... *poof* it's how I wanted it that morning hahaha.

  2. Such lovely, easy to abide by suggestions. I envy Elsie's ability to power nap. That's never been something I've been able to do. If I nap, I wake up feeling groggy (often with a strong headache) and often more tired than before I fell asleep. It sure would be lovely to be able to!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hmm, yeah I have never been able to do that aswell. I am too energetic to do so even when I am deadly tired.


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