Spring stroll

April 18, 2014

I felt the need to clear my head and escape the buzy 'city' life of Zutphen. We live in the very middle of it and that can become a bit sweltering at times, especially if you're me, who comes from a silent neighborhood or if you are Ben, who comes from the outskirts of the Netherlands (read: Ijzerlo). So we decided to search the quiter places of our beautiful town.

I love Spring the most, and I am so happy to see everything blossomed and all the tiny baby animals such as lambs and little ducklings. We made a huge walk of three hours, so we are pretty tired now. Time for tea and a magazine, methinks :-).

It was quite windy, hence the hay bale on my head ;-)

My cute jacket is 1930s
My dress is 1940s
Shoes 1940s
sunglasses 1930s
Beret: something modern

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  1. well hello mister cow! he's sooo cute! what beautiful spring scenes. it looks a lot like that around here, bright green and blue sky.
    you look stunning as always, i've never been able to pull of a beret. but i think they're so cute!

    1. I love cows, they are so cute! And thank you for your lovely compliment! I do think you can pull of a beret. Everybody can. Perhaps it's the way you put it on? My beret is pretty supple, so I can put it on different ways!

  2. You are so beautiful and hey, great pictures!
    I've just started to read your blog, it's lovely!
    Have a nice day!

  3. You look marvelous!!! That red jacket sings against your pale blonde locks. It's awesome that spring has sprung on your end again. I can hardly wait for blossoms like that around these parts again (soon, I hope!).

    ♥ Jessica


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