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April 17, 2014

Many a person would call the home of Ben and me almost like a museum, due to our nostalgic lifestyle and interior. We have a rather famous home that has been used for a photoshoot here or there. Our home is lovely and I have been shouting that since day one, yet we are looking for something else. We cannot press our signature on this house. We are not able to even paint them walls. White walls, in the olden days, meant poverty. And to be frank; I don't like white walls át áll. It feels hollow in a certain way. Empty. And I must admit that dear Ben and I are not even doing our utter best to make it homey, as this is just an intermediate station where we will be till we find something better.

We love old houses and we also love our own old house, but it's built in 1330 and although I like that era, it's not the era we aim for. So you see, we are desperately searching for a house that is built in the 1930s. Not too big, not too small. Just like back then. And so we can totally decorate it our way; new kitchen out, old kitchen in. Modern bathroom out, old bathroom in. You get the picture. Our landlord would be furious if we would do that now. The search is not easy but we are patient. We have been thinking and talking about moving to Germany even. A country that has more old houses left than does the Netherlands, who is striving so hard for modernity.

Yesterday, in my former post, I talked about Pinterest and this is a social media where I collect any idea that might be suitable for our upcoming home. When I tell people, that I love the decoration of the victorian era up till the 1930s, they immediately think I mean the pink floral shabby chic style. If there's something ugly; it's that!

I love earthy tones and rustic/farmhouse elements. Alot of greenery such as ferns, and I love loads of gilded frames on a midnight green or jade colored wall. Art deco patterend wallpaper. Do you know that color that Dita von Teese has on her wall? Thát color is so pretty! Have a look! Lovely isn't it!?

Now, let's have a look at what else is my taste!

The plants you see in this picture is totally my style. Fern-like plants and preferably very large, to decorate an empty corner! I also like taxidermy, but not heads on the wall!

I love peacock feathers in vases. I know that it's said to bring bad luck. But I think they are so sophisticated. I do not like paintings that has humans on them. I am very sensitive to paintings/pictures on the wall with a face. I prefer paintings in massive gilded frames, with a worn look, that holds a painting of a sereen forestry. I am very, very picky with art on the wall. I do love the carpetry on the floor (I know from experience it's a hell to clean with a cat in the house).

I just love the abundance of greenery here.

Gorgeous tiles for a bathroom. The lion head is a must ofcourse!

I love this wallpaper. But this works only well with an Edwarian interior as pictured.

I adore the color scheme and worn look pictured above. The divan is magnificent. The only thing I don't like, are the damasque curtains. I grew a bit allergic to that when many people used it in horrible color combinations in their IKEA homes.

I love Art Nouveau architecture ( alittle less than I like art deco architecture ), so what is not to love of this bathroom. Amazing tiles on the floor, aswell.

I love the carpet in this picture, the color scheme aswell and the 'greenery' behind the sofa.

I really like antique Taxidermy and especially the majestic peacocks. They are terribly expensive but I hope to own me one, someday. And I think it would look magnificent against a midnight green wall.

As for the kitchen, I love alot of wood. Dried herbs hanging, fruit bowls, wild flowers in little vases, pots and pans everywhere, weck-pots stocked with pasta, etc.

Food hanging to dry looks amazing especially combined with wood.

... or dried flowers.

I would love to have a pantry, filled with baskets which, on their turn, are filled with food.

I love herbs and use them alot. Everywhere you look in my kitchen, you see fresh herbs!

What is your favorite home decor?

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for all these photos, they are amazing! And I can totally understand you searching for a new home. In our current apartment the walls are covered with rather cheap wooden panels, so I can't even hang something on the wall because every nail I try to hammer in makes the whole wall shake and me fear to demolish the whole house. It just doesn't feel like home.
    My father bought a very small 1930ies house a year ago and renovated it (modern, I'm afraid). On the kitchen walls there were very faint traces of painted flowers, obviously it had never been covered with wall papers, but had been hand painted with light pink blossoms. If I ever will own a house I will definitely try this, even though it will take me very long to finish it. And I hope I will be able to have an old hearth, heated with wood to cook all those beautiful old recipes as they were meant to be.
    And I definitely want a library. I once saw early 20th century library book shelves, complete with a wooden ladder, at an antique market (you may know it, the large warehouse market in Cuijk). Unfortunately we didn't knew where to put it and it was way too expensive back then, but since this day I know my house needs a library :-)
    I really hope you will find a new house to live in, soon!

    1. I could have (and wanted) to post so much more but the post would become too big. I probably will make a part II haha!

      I know your fear of hammering something in the wall with horrible walls. We have plaster walls and even the kitchen is hung upon those. It's the most horrible stuff I have ever worked with.

      I would loooohoooove to have a library, too, with indeed the wooden ladder. Always dreamt of that eversince I was a little girl.

  2. wow! your house is from 1330? that's amazing. i guess it might not be that uncommon where you're from, but none of my family was even on this continent to build a house then, haha.
    my family's house that we live in now was built in 1914. It has a wrap around porch and wood floors and a pretty staircase. Its not a grand Edwardian house, pretty midwestern farm but we like it. I understand your dislike of white walls. some of the rooms were remodeled in the late 60s, so we have some pretty interesting textured gold and green wallpaper (but better than white)!
    i love the pictures you shared. the idea of herbs hanging for use but also decoration is perfect.

  3. Sublimely elegant interiors and furnishings. This style, rich in refinement, beauty and classical elements speaks deeply to mine and Tony's decor tastes, too. I hope that you're able to get your dream home and decorate it however your heart desires one day, honey.

    ♥ Jessica


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