Happy Kingsday, Netherlands!

April 26, 2014

Today, the Netherlands celebrated Kingsday! This is my first Kingsday ever, as before it was always called Queensday; the last King that reigned the Netherlands, was King Willem III of Orange-Nassau until he died in 1890 and was followed up by his daughter Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria of Orange-Nassau. Eversince, the Netherlands had only queens reigning, until last year when the first son of our former queen, Beatrix, took over the throne on what was then known as Queensday.

It's common that the Dutch people dress themselves completely in orange during this festivity, as this is the color of the Netherlands due to Willem of Orange (also known as William the silent), prince of Orange. During the Eighty Year's war, Willem's insurgents wore the prince's flag in the colors 'Oranje, blanje, bleu' (orange, white, blue). When independence was proclaimed in 1579, these colors became the original colors of the Dutch flag. However, shortly after, the color orange changed into vermillion red. Our tricolour flag was now vermillion red, pearl white and cobalt blue - the flag we still have to this day.

Last year on this day, Ben and I mixed with the rest of Zutphen; drinking beers and listening to the live bands playing and met tons of new people. This day, we decided to just walk through Zutphen and afterwards take some rest, drink some N/A Chardonnay and enjoy a cheeseboard - all quietly at the river the Ijssel watching boats go by at my favorite spot.

I received a new dress I am smitten with, and wore it today. I was quite amused and surprised when I found this lovely dress on the dutch equivalent of Ebay. Especially because it was a (carmine) red dress. Usually when you find dresses from the 1930s or 1940s, these are black. The reason for that, is because black dresses were usually only worn at sunday's, when people went to church. Because of wearing these dresses only so little, these dresses were preserved better than the colored ones. I never owned a red vintage dress and it came godsend. It's so beautiful! The back of the dress is adorned with a row of red buttons. I am in love with a dress, yes. A dress.

I am wearing:
a late 1930s dress
1940s platform pumps
some modern hairflowers
1930s sunglasses

my dashing chap Ben wears:
a 1940s suit
late 1930s/early 1940s tie
reproduction hat

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  1. Happy Kingsday, Lindsay! I very much enjoyed reading this post with it's history and pretty photographs. Your new dress is also wonderful :)

    1. Thank you so much dear Abigail!

  2. The dress is certainly beautiful - and it matches your lipstick perfectly!

    1. It was a bit off-color, so I had to mix it with other shades of red lipstick :-D works well!

  3. You look absolutely stunning!! I adore your dress, it's so beautiful. Where I live there basically is no vintage (well, vintage 1970's!!), so I'm stuck with reproductions, for now. I love seeing genuine vintage clothing, especially in such great condition!
    Fabulous photos, you and Ben both look great (:

    1. Thank you dear Elsa! The Netherlands, too, has so few truly vintage from my favorite era's. So I was super surprised to find this dress. Keep looking, cause someday you might bump into a gem like this!

  4. Oh, sweet Lindsay, you look amazing! It's incredible how everything around you bends towards you, because you simply shine! You are the most beautiful flower :-) Ben is also very well, you make such a fine couple ;-)

    I showed my mother your blog and your photos (and also Jessica's from CV), and mom was amazed by your beauty! She enjoyed so much to see your hair and your outfits. She is 78 years old and is depressed poor thing, but on that day, looking at your pictures she cheered up, you know. You and Jessica gave her some joy :-)

    Miss Beta xx

    1. These words moved me Miss Beta. You have no idea what it does to me, reading this. I know what a depression is like and when you hear that you brighten another persons day .. that is priceless. Thank you for telling me this!



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