My Beauty Hint: Dorothy Revier [ weekly feature ]

March 09, 2014

Instead of the sneak peek of the week, there will be, from now on, a new weekly feature for every sunday to come. This means I'll write about my favorite topic: beauty tips from screen actresses. These beauty hints could be found in the newspapers in the 1930s. These are short texts, but very helpful! I hope you'll like the new feature! I am very enthusiastic about it :-). We start with Dorothy Revier.

D o r o t h y   R e v i e r - screen actress

"Those afflicted with dry skin will find vegetable oils extremely helpful. Every evening I rub my face gently but thoroughly with oil, using it to take off my makeup, and to soothe and soften my dry complexion.

In the morning I use warm water and castile soap for a thorough cleansing. I like sunbaths, but I always keep my face covered, because dry skin roughens easily when exposed."

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  1. I used to use olive oil to wash and remove makeup quite frequently, a life saver for dry skin! it's also a life saver for oily skin as well, which i found strange at first, but like dissolves like.
    However, i found i like coconut oil better, and so good for eye makeup too! I've been hearing a lot about celebrities using oil for cleansing and makeup removal, even in todays Hollywood, and no wonder, it feels so wonderful :) This lady knew what she was talking about !

    1. I LOVE coconut oil. I use it for cooking but I know it can be used for many, many things. Indeed as an eye makeup remover. I haven't tried but I certainly will.

  2. She was well ahead of the oil craze in the beauty world and definitely onto something that I, also having very dry skin, can attest to as helping significantly. I'll often rub a wee bit of olive oil while cooking into my hands to help keep my skin extra supple feeling.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Everytime I scrub my face, I use an olive oil/honey/egg mask on my face shortly after. It makes it sooo soft!

  3. When I was a child I rubbed almond oil on my skin and it was very good. I should return to the old habits! :-)

    Miss Beta


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