Movie stars pass on some beauty hints - 1943

[ Movie Stars pass on some beauty hints ] - written by Antoinette Donnelly for the St.Petersburg Times
July 4, 1943 -

We have accumulated a collection of hints on personal care and grooming from Hollywood stars. Says Nancy Coleman: "In these days of hustle and bustle, few women have the time to give themselves a complete makeup change during the day. Often they get the tired, haggard look around midafternoon. When I am that rushed, I find that a glow can be added to a tired makeup job by rubbing it gently with a damp, cool towel. Followed by a film of powder patted on, the makeup gets new life. Eyes will lose their tired look if a speck of vaseline is spread thinly over the lids. If you use too much you'll only get a greasy look, not the dewy eyed effect for which you strive."

Nancy Coleman

You wouldn't believe that so modern a miss as Faye Emerson would resort to smelling salts, but she says when work piles up on her and she feels she can't keep abreast of it, she takes a whiff of lavender smelling salts. It's a good trick, says Faye, when too much nightclub smoke gets in your eyes.

Faye Emerson

Julie Bishop goes in for whistling in a big way, fearing no bad end as we used to threathened with when we were young. She whistles while she works or when she's lolling around home. But there's meaning to her whistling, for she finds it a good exercise for breath control. Ida Lupino, in need of a face "refreshner" soaks a cotton pad in cold water, squeezes out the excess liquid, dips the pad in skin lotion and works over the face. Then she adds cleansing cream to a pad and repeats the face wash. She removes the cream excess before dipping another pad in water, squeezing it partly dry, then patting on more skin lotion. All with the promise of being able to meet your enemy or your date with a face you don't have to hide under a veil.

Julie Bishop

Says Alice Faye: "You can't be ill, weary or bodily sick and manifest enough vibrant charm to attract anyone. You have to be loaded down with vitality and energy. Then you radiate something, an exuberance, a power, an appeal which is found most attractive, especially by the opposite sex. Since men detest slovenliness in a woman, a trimness of appearance must accompany this radiance. There must be smooth, slender figure beauty. The art of proper makeup, the correct and subtle use of perfumes and a color sense are the finishing touches."

Alice Faye

Betty Grable is a girl who goes all out for cleanliness of the most meticulous order, of person, of dress, of such accesories as hankies, gloves, inside of pocketbooks, because, says Betty, there is no daintiness where cleanliness does not first exist.'

●   ●   ●

Says Ellen Drew: "I love beautiful hair. That's why I do not like to see it cut too short or drawn up tightly under a hat or in bareheaded pompadour style with little more to show than combs and pins. Hair is too glamorous in itself for that submerging treatment."

The lovely blonde Annabella says to avoid depressing effects of having a husband off in the service, one should share her loneliness with another war widow. The companionship of such a person is most helpful.


Says Natalie Shafer: "If I had three wishes, they'd be for 'vitality', 'more vitality' and still more 'vitality'. With vitality you can do anything. You can create the illusion of beauty, intelligence and charm. You can achieve success in whatever field you set out to achieve it."

Says the gorgeous Maureen 'O Hara: "Some people come by great eye beauty naturally and other have to attain it with persistent care. Movie stars have a special problem to cope with, on account of the strain caused by lights and the strong reflectors used. Unless they give their eyes some extra care they'd be in a bad way. Among my nonprofessional friends, I noticed that they will concentrate on other features paying little attention to the eyes. Yet there is no feature a woman posesses that is as compelling or telling as the eyes.

Maureen 'O Hara


  1. I don't have any smelling salts to hand, but I can certainly relate to Faye's desire to keep a container of something relaxing and beautiful (and uplifting) smelling to hand. I keep two gorgeous floral candles in my home office/craft room, both of which I've had for years now and have yet to light (as I want to keep them around for ages), for this very same purpose.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Ahh, I love smelling candles. My grandmother gifted me one once and it smelled soooo good. I have burned it and thoroughly relaxed me. Sadly I have never been able to find that smell again.


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