Jean Harlow's beauty hints in Biz newspaper

Beauty hints from Old Hollywood stars is a topic I have written about a lot. I can't help it for I love, love, love it and, judging the comments, you love it too. Jean Harlow is also a much discussed topic on this blog, so I thought I would combine them.

There are numerous of articles out there, that discuss the beauty hints of the stars back in the day, so you can expect much more to follow! This article below has been written in 1933 for Biz Newspaper. They talk about Jean using some French builing for the whiteness of her hair. I have absolutely no idea what it is and I couldn't find anything about it on Google (who desperately wanted to correct the word into 'building' and honly showed me results with French buildings all the time). Anyone that does know what it is? Would love to hear.

H O L L Y W O O D    B E A U T  Y    H I N T S

 Biz Newspaper - friday august 18, 1933

Jean Harlow, Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer star of "Red-headed woman", is representative of an extreme exotic type of beauty. Her platinum hair set a world-wide vogue. Her half-moon brows accent her pastel coloring. Her makeup is concentrated at the eyes and mouth.  She depends upon good health and fresh air, excersise, soap and water, followed by an ice cold rinse, for her perfect skin. 

Note her lashes, next time you see her on the screen. They are naturally long and curling. For her narrow and very arched eye-brows, Jean uses a finely pointed eyebrow pencil. The high brow enlarges the eye, gives clarity and an appealing quality.

Jean uses a true red cream rouge for her lips, blending the line perfectly and carrying the color well inside to prevent a break in tone.

Skin-tone powder is then puffed lightly but thoroughly over her face and neck, with a special attention to nostrils, eye corners and chin. Miss Harlow always carefully brushes superfluous powder from her eyebrows.

Miss Harlow's platinum halo of hair has probably aroused more comment and curiosity than any one feature of any star. Naturally blonde, Jean encourages whiteness by weekly shampoos with white soap and a final rinse containing a few drops of French builing. She brushes for softness, sets her wave with water and vinegar.

When Jean worked on a film, her diet excisted merely of fruit, salads and vegetables. But one of her favorite recipes were 'Hot rolls'. I have made them according Jean's recipe and you can find them on my blog A Dash of Nostalgia.

© Newspaper text: Biz newspaper


  1. i have not heard of setting hair with vinegar, have you? I know apple cider vinegar can be used as a conditioner, but i will have to look that up. Thanks!

    1. I have read about it before but I haven't tried it to be honest. It looks to me that my hair would get greasy. I have no idea actually. Perhaps we should try it? Haha.

  2. While I'm sure that she did those steps to help keep her colour very light, I would be quite surprised it she didn't actually bleach or otherwise chemically alter her locks to achieve such a pale blonde. Do you know, dear Lindsay, if such was the case?

    ♥ Jessica

    1. She sure did! She had two hairdressers who did it for her. Bleaching at that time was a very painful thing but she was a trooper and never complained. But she always kept saying that she was a natural blonde and didn't bleach it.


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