Five steps in daytime makeup with Maureen O'Sullivan

March 26, 2014

First, assuming that Maureen O'Sullivan has already applied powder foundation, beginning with the first picture, she illustrates for you the five important succesive steps in applying makeup. First, a blue eyeshadow is smoothed gently across her lids.

Second, Maureen accents and extends the outer ends of her brows very lightly with a brown eyebrow pencil. Use a firm crayon with a fine point

Third, Maureen carefully accents and darkens her lashes with mascara, 
brushing the upper lashes upwards, lower lashes downwards.

 Fourth, Maureen smiles so that she may apply rouge to the full part of her cheeks, blending it lightly outward toward the temples.

Fifth, after lipstick, the gentle nuances of color are tied together by a thorough though delicate veil of powder.

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  1. She was such a gorgeous woman! I love that she sported blue eye shadow. It must have looked sublime with her red locks. I used to wear it a fair bit as a teenager, but rarely go so bold with my eye shadow colours any more. Perhaps I should give it a spin again at least once this year.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I wore blue, too, although green or purple fitted my green eyes best. I rarely wear eyeshadow but sometimes a bit of green when I am in for some more color.

  2. Oh my Gosh, I never saw anyone smile to put the rouge on the right place. That's so clever! :-)

    1. See how much we learn from olden days!? haha.

  3. Thanx for the Share! Written very well. Thumbs Up! Daytime Make-up Tips


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