Anita Page's beauty and makeup hints

She was the last surviving MGM silent film star; an actress that could play any role she was assigned to. She was dubbed 'The most beautiful face in Hollywood'. She is Anita Page. Anita is one of my favorite silent film stars. She had a magnificent way of acting with a lot of self-control. She could cry whenever she had to for a film. One director asked of her to let a single tear drop with just one eye, which is pretty difficult, but Anita managed to do that. However; someone interrupted and the scene failed. She had to do it all over again, and again she managed to let just a single tear drop from just one eye. Well ... that says something about her acting skills methinks.

Anita Page maintained good looks till her dying day in 2008 at the age of 98. She was of the rare and interesting kind of beauty. So ... what did Anita do, to be called 'the most beautiful face in Hollywood'?


The first step Anita does to keep her beautiful eyes, is to put liquid eye drops into the eye to make her eyes sparkle. She then wipes off the excess liquid with bits of cotton.

Then Anita curls her lashes and with a fine brush she darkens her them.

Now that the lashes are taken care of, the eyebrows must not be neglected. A bit of cream is massaged into the brows to soften the skin and makes it easier for tweezing. The general outline for the brow is followed when tweezing and only the extra hairs outside the outline are removed. They should never be pulled straight out, but in the direction in which they grow.

Anita: Let's consider the hair. It's the crowning glory whether it's shorn or not and therefore it should have the attention which healthy, glowing hair gets. Now here is something that I have learned which I think very few people know. Very dry hair should be shampooed more often than oily hair! That is an entirely different theory from the old one, but there is a logical reason for it. The more the natural oils of the scalp are required to flow more they will do so. Whenever the hair is washed the natural oils flow more freely, since it stimulates the oil sacs. Now the average person shampoos oily hair often, thinking in this way to eliminate the oil, but this only makes the oil sacs work harder. Naturally ouly hair should be shampooed less and after the shampoo rub in a little olive oil. This will bring the excessive oil flow back to normal. By shampooing dry hair more, it makes the oil sacs work harder. Massage is good for any head. At least twice a week give the scalp a good ten minute massage with the tips of the fingers, working in a rotary motion from the back, forward. And I also believe in the old- fashioned method of a good thorough brushing every morning. It makes the hair both soft and glossy.

Someone has said that no woman who is neatly groomed and has a well cared for skin is really homely. I'm inclined to agree with this. So don't make the mistake of neglecting your complexion. The skin requires stimulation. We have learned to exercise the body - we should also learn to exercise the skin. Massage is good, but personally I get the best results from the pinching process. With two fingers of each hand go all over the face pinching it not too gently to fail to get a glow and not too hard to bruise it if it is tender. This should be done twice a week for five minutes or so. And let me give you a word of warning. When you pinch, massage or exercise the face, be sure to spread on a generous layer of cold cream first to prevent wrinkles. Avoid methods that are too strenuous. It is better to take it slowly than to ruin your complexion. Steaming the face over hot water is good and so is an ice rub, but I believe that these should be done on different days so that the skin will not be subjected to too great a change. With ice or with steam be sure to taper off with luke warm and then cool -not cold- water. Don't ruin your complexion with poor soap or make up just because it happens to be advertised as 'theatrical' make-up; exercise the greatest of care and discretion.

There is no better whitener for the hands than the time-honored lemon juice. This should be put on full strength and allowed to dry, then use a good hand lotion with softening qualities. Hands express so much character that they should be developed more. There is nothing more beautiful than a supple, capable hand. Suppleness and strength can be gained by exercise. Stretch the fingers as wide apart as possible, training every muscle, then close the hand into a fist. Repeat this ten or fifteen times every day. It is also a good idea to make it a daily habit to shake the hands from the wrist quickly for three or four minutes. In this way the skin becomes stimulated, the muscles are exercised and the hand becomes lithe. Because we wash the hands so much more frequently than we do our face, we should give them more cream or oil or hand emolient designed for the prevention of their premature aging. Many women do kill two birds with the one cold creaming action. When they cleanse and massage the face and neck at night they go after the hands with cream, too. Let me simply repeat that nails should be given daily care and should never be worn too long, too pointed or too highly polished. Although this has been said a thousand times there are still women who have not taken it to heart.

Anita believed in two beautifiers: a dressing table and a dinner table. She was not only a movie goddess but a domestic one, too! Today I baked muffins according to a recipe of Anita Page. You can find it at my foodblog:  A Dash of Nostalgia


  1. my goodness she was very pretty. I love the concerned and innocent facial expressions she has

    1. Yes a very lovely lady she was, even in later years. I have seen interviews with her on Youtube and she has a very animated way of conversation.

  2. Engaging, wonderfully fun read. I cannot help but soak up the beauty secrets of Hollywood's past queens like a sponge. They clearly knew what worked and how to make the best of their appearances, something any modern vintage loving lady can entirely relate to (and always hope to find ways to do even more effectively through great posts like this one).

    ♥ Jessica


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