What every woman should know - book review

February 20, 2014

Usually I am not doing book reviews on this blog, but because a couple of you have asked me to review the 'What every woman should know - lifestyle lessons from the 1930s' book, I decided to answer to your calls and give my view on it.

So, let me grab my favorite tea of the moment (Elderberry tea) and begin!

The Netherlands is suffering a huge flu outbreak and alas, I have catched it. Elderberry tea is thé tea you want to drink when the season gets colder and the flu is lurking in the dark corners. An interesting study shows, that Elderberry tea shortens the course of seasonal flu. I always buy loose tea from health food stores, so that my tea is pure and without added sugar. 

But anyway, let's get on with the book this post is intended for! Grab a cup of tea and coffee yourself and read along!

This book is such an addition to your book collection if you are interested in the 1930s! It contains household tips, makeup tips, the lastest fashion and how to wear it, cooking tips and recipes and alot more. The book is a hotchpotch of newspaper articles from the Daily Mail. I am one that likes to absorb tips from the thirties and implement them in my own life. I have tried several tips mentioned in the book such as, soaking a cotton pad with salt and hot water and apply them to your tired eyes for 15 minutes. What a boost! This week I wrote a post with several household hints mentioned in this book. You would never think of these tips yourself; these tips have evaded from our knowledge throughout the years and, shall we say, are not really necessary anymore as we live in a world where we buy things anew when it's worn out or broken. Welcome to a world where things are being mass produced! People in the 1930s were very economical, especially due to the Great Depression.

The book is not very thick and I read through it quite quickly - something that I thought a pity because the more knowledge about the era the better. Every morning, at breakfast, when Ben was reading the newspaper, I read a page of this book. I became so enthusiastic with all the tips I have learned, that I immediately wanted to try them!

I got this book from Ebay for the very cheap price of just a mere €3. You can get the book yourself here.

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  1. Thank you very much for mentioning where you got this charmingly wonderful book. I've spotted it here and there online, but never for sale and was coming up empty handed on Amazon US and Canada, Indigo (the online shop of Canada's largest bookstore chain), and a couple of other places I searched. Now to see if I can find an Amazon UK seller who will ship to Canada...

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I have this same book and I absolutely love it. You have to try the beetroot soup recipe on the page 15! That is so tasty.
    I agree with you, the book could be a bit thicker. And they should really make another similar book for the 20's and 40's aswell.


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