Shoe advertisements from the thirties

February 08, 2014

Beside Ben and my cat, shoes are my biggest love. It has always been so and especially high heels! Not that I am materialistic, but shoes make me disproportionately happy and also make me feel feminine (heels ofcourse). The day before yesterday, I received my umpteenth pair; beautiful Burgundy shoes from the late 1930s. They belonged to the grandmother of the seller and her grandmother died in 1940. Most of my shoes are a deep blue or black, so I am rather happy with these being burgundy. I am going to show them to you in a few days! First I wanted to share with you some beautiful shoe advertisements. Something that makes me also disproportionately happy.

Which ones are your favorites?

Note: Shoes without image source are found on Pinterest. Please claim if they are yours. You can find my email at the bottom of my blog!

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  1. 30s shoes are some of the cutest ever in my opinion. They had a great over all style and wonderful colors and somewhat lower heels. Unfortunately my feet are unusually large and when ever I find vintage shoes they're smaller than normal anyway. *sigh* but I love the reproductions that are coming in. thanks for the adds... wish I could get a pair of shoes today for $1.99!!

    1. Hi Abigail! Yeah, wouldn't it be great ... shoes that cheap? Though, at the other hand, I am sure my wallet would be less pleased haha!

      I have quite the tiny and narrow feet, luckily, but I have encountered some very narrow ones even I couldn't fit and made me look like the evil step sisters of Cinderella, trying to get into the glass slipper. Unbelievable how petite women generally were back in the day!

  2. Oh, shoes.... I love them! Like knitting of that time, shoes in the 30s were creative, with amazing colours combination, cheerful, feminine, elegant and there were a vast range of them. I get lost looking at these publicities. They were so modern on that days.

    I just purchased a pair of Oxfords for my birthday, hehe. I have short but wide feet, and the shoes I found available and affordable were too big for me. I hope the ones I ordered are wearable even if too big. Gosh! I didn't had a present for a long time! So it's rather exciting!

    Oh, Miss Lindsay, I cannot wait to see your new burgundy pair of lovely shoes! :-)
    I love when your post photographs of your shoes, so much.

    Have a lovely time lovely lady!

    Miss Beta xx

  3. It's tricky to pick a favourite. I look at each of these pairs, and even in my more 1940s/50s filled wardrobe, can picture at least one outfit I could partner every last pair with. That said, I am really, really swooning over the deep red/burgundy hued ankle strap pair for $1.99 (burgundy is my second favourite colour of all time).

    Speaking of which, I can hardly wait to see your fabulous new footwear!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. They are all so gorgeous - how could I pick just one? But I think my heart stopped for just one second when I spotted the dark red shoes in the second to last advert poster (it's labeld "L" and 1.99$ - what a bargain). They're just amazing <3
    Can't wait to see your new shoes^^

    Love, Sandy


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