Hold me

February 22, 2014

Hello there! How is this saturday treating you? Any plans for this weekend?
Ben and I have; tomorrow we'll be visiting a fleamarket in my hometown. We are both so addicted to that and I really like going to the fleamarkets in Zutphen; there's so much nice stuff to find. Anthroposophic Zutphen doesn't only look historical with it's exteriors, but there's alot of antique stuff to be found, still, to my great satisfaction! That was rather different in my former residence - who are striving so much for modernity. It can be compared, almost, to Amsterdam. 

The photo above is my latest picture, taken by my lovely boyfriend Ben but the editting is done by yours truly. Some of you have probably seen it already at either my public Facebook or my personal one! I got many lovely responses on it. So thank you ever so! I named it 'Hold me' after a song of Ruth Etting that was playing in the background. 

I am feeling rather great lately; I am losing weight,which means that I am slowly getting back into my former shape, and I gained more energy and the stamina to undertake things, which extends itself also on the career area. I have some great things ahead in the future. I can't say much about it, but I can assure you it will be great. 

I think this positivity shows in my picture, don't you agree? There's a certain vivaciousness in my eyes -something that I lost a little last year!

"... Hold me honey won't you hold me
Hold me never let me go
Take me honey won't you take me
Never to forsake me
'Cause I love you so
Thrill me, let your kisses thrill me
Just like you alone can do
Hold me tenderly enfold me
Never try to hold me from you ... "

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. OMG! You look like real diva from 30s

    1. Thank you só very much! That is a huge compliment to me!

  2. I really like this picture, you have so many amazing pictures but this one has something special.
    It has a smile but you can only see if you want to see it...

  3. Oh my gosh, you look stunning, dear. It seems like you just stepped out of the 30s^^ And what a lively sparkle there is in your eyes - and that little smile - beautiful^^

    1. Thanks ever so SandyS, for this lovely compliment. xxx

  4. I love it! and the video you included expands the back in time feel. It's wonderful!
    i have a question though, have you, or would you consider a post of how you set your hair?
    I would love to know, thanks!

    1. Yes, I am working on it! Quite alot of people have asked me for one.

  5. Oh, sweet Lindsay... you don't know how much reading this post cheers me up. This will be a promising year!

    I love your retrato (portrait) and yes indeed expresse all of what you said! It just needs a signature on the bottom to conclude it... from Lindsay Lane, the diva! (So I can hang it on the wall!) :-)

    Miss Beta xxx

    1. Hahaha, awww aren't you a darling!! xxx

  6. We are also flea markets addicts!!!! We found so many things this week-end: vintage suspenders for my husband, an amazing pair of 30's white shoes for me, 3 hats from thr 30's-40's, a crazy patriotic scarf from the 40's, vintage jewels.... We are waiting for summer for more flea markets! Hope you also found some great stuff!!!

    1. Wow! I barely find such finds like yours on fleamarkets. Usually it's antiques for households. It was, coincidentally, just what we were looking for though! We were quite lucky! Though I would love to find me some shoes, too!

  7. What a stunningly wonderful image! I love that you edit some (all?) of the photos that Ben takes of you. I edit pretty much all of the ones that my sweet Tony takes of me. It's such a great photography process partnership.

    I'm thrilled to hear that things are looking up for you lately and wholeheartedly hope the continue to get better and better with each passing day.

    ♥ Jessica


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