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February 05, 2014

I promised to show the skincare products that I use. I really love to pamper myself and especially to take care of my skin. It hasn't always been like that when I was much younger (say, 16) and also very reckless. I did alot that my skin was not happy with; I didn't use sunscreen, showered way too hot, I partied an aweful lot of times without getting enough rest (yes, a modern day flapper), I drank alcohol as if it was my last day on earth and, although I never lit a cigarette myself, I was constantly in the environment of cigarette smoke. But worst of all: I never took off my makeup before retiring to bed. With all the partying I was too tired to do so. Stress does alot to your skin, too! And boy, did I noticed that! Think about bags under the eyes eyes and dark circles, etc. But at one time I was thinking: what the hell am I doing to myself?! Stop this reckless behaviour and do something before it's too late and you die a wrinkled potato! So I turned the tide: I quit drinking, I live in a cigarette free home, I make sure I get enough sleep and even if I do come home late after a hard and long day of modelling, with ridiculously heavy stage makeup, I do clean my face entirely till there's no filth to be seen on my cotton pad. And my goodness did that work! My skin was recovering noticably! The next thing for me to do, was finding the right products for me. That was not an easy road but an interesting one to say the least!

I have a very, very sensitive and dehydrated skin (a dehydrated skin is not the same thing as a dry skin). It reacts very heavy on cold weather and harsh products. When I heard of Avéne, I really wanted to try it. The reviews were amazing. But the Netherlands didn't sold it. Until recently! So as quickly as I could, I stocked up their products like crazy and didn't care what the price was! A good dermatologist will tell you that the expensive creams are not always automatically the best. And ok, Avéne is pricier than most of the skincare products but it's not thát expensive.

I couldn't be more happier with Avéne and neither could my skin! It works miracles!

Alright, first, I can hear you think what on earth I use baby powder for! I like my pale skin ... and after I put on my creams, concealer, foundation and powder .. I add, as a finishing touch, a bit of baby powder to my skin to emphazise the whiteness. It smells good, too! It gives you a soft and porcelain look.

I really love this eye product and sure works for me. It's the southing eye contour cream which relieves under-eye puffiness. It's enriched with chamomile, which helps to soothe and relieve inflammation and the skin appears more radiant. After two days I saw improvement! 

This is, perhaps, one of my all time favorites. It's Avéne Thermal Spring water. This is wonderful for hot summer days! It's só refreshing! You just spray a mist of healing water on your face! It's not only refreshing for your face but also after shaving, after makeup removal, post-surgery, during travelling, after sports activities, damaged skin, redness of the face, after hair removal and sunburn. It soothes, softens and restores the skin's natural balance. Everyday after makeup removal I spray a bit of Thermal water on my face. That makes me feel as if I am reborn.

As daycream I use the Avéne Hydrance Optimale rich UV SPF 20 protective hydrating cream. This is especially for dehydrated skins like mine. I couldn't be more happier with this cream; It contains SPF, which is very important and my skin is nowadays well hydrated and soft! I can't live without it anymore!

To remove my eye makeup, I use Avéne Gentle eye makeup remover. And for my face I use Avéne Gentle milk cleanser. (The large one in the back)

Not a skincare product but I wanted to show you this, too! My hair has alot to endure with all the curling, waving and hairspraying and to repair it I use Andrélon Care & Repair serum. I am more than satisfied with this serum! It makes my hair soft and shiny!

I didn't want to leave this out, too! I am asked alot of times what kind of foundation I use and which matches my pale skin. I use Catrice Photo finish 18h Liquid foundation - the lightest possible. This really works for me! It does indeed stay on for 18h and it also gives you that promised 'soft focus effect'. After I applied this, I finish with some baby powder to emphasize my whiteness. 

I will show you my beauty products soon!

What are your favorite skincare products?

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  1. Hello Lindsay,
    I never heard of Avéne here in Germany before... But it sounds like you made the right choice in buying those products^^ So, what is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?
    Since this year I'm using almost only Yves Rocher products (the "hydra vegétal" series is my favourite line) and I'm really happy with it as well^^
    Greetings, Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy!

      I am going to try to explain it! A dry skin is a type of skin and a dehydrated skin is a condition. A dehydrated skin is often caused by elements either that be weather, harsh cleansing products with alcohol or soap. The skin has a low water content. That makes it, that you get an itchy feeling or the feeling that your skin is going to crack. That's because there's a loss of bodily fluids (water) in your skin. Most people think that they can hydrate the skin by drinking water or splashing the face with water. But even on the contrary. You can worsen the skin by splashing water over your body.

      Dry skins, they have a lack off oil. You can obtain these oils by eating fish for the Omega-3.

      There's not much difference between a dry and dehydrated skin, but there are subtle differences. I myself have a dry dehydrated skin.


    2. Well, I guess that I have dehydrated skin then myself. Thanks for explaining^^

  2. Wat is de lay-out mooi geworden zeg! Echt genieten, telkens weer!

    1. Wat lief, dankjewel! Ik ben een beetje wispelturig met de layouts. Dan ben ik maar eventjes tevreden gesteld en ga ik weer aan de slag tot diep in de nacht haha!

  3. Seams that we have a similar skin. My skin is very complicated with the aggravating of reacting to most products, even makeup. My dermatologist advice me to use Avéne, or La Roche-Posay. And most of the people with my skin condition, included me love La Roche. It's an incredible line from La Roche in special - Toleriane. My sister gave me a super expensive cream from Shiseido and gave me a horrible reaction. But La Roche or Avéne are very good at a good price. I wouldn´t know what to do without Toleriane from La Roche.

    Now there's something I would like to try, Andrélon Care & Repair serum! Sounds very good :-)

    I have to point out that I loved the fact of the product in review being placed at the middle star on the table. Loved the photographs. Well done, artistic lady!

    Miss Beta xx

  4. I read each word of this post immense interest, as my skin is also very sensitive, often lacking in moisture, and prone to great bouts of dryness (especially in the winter and, paradoxically, the summer as well). Thank you for taking the time to share so much about the products that you turn to time and time again with us, dear Lindsay. I've never wanted to try Avene more than I do no after having read this terrific post.

    ♥ Jessica


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