What appeals to me most in 1930s fashion

January 03, 2014

Often when I am on the street I get many, many questions from bypassers why I wear the clothes that I wear and what I like about it so much. I get these questions an aweful lot of times and, although I don't mind answering them at all, I don't answer it to full extend. Often, I end up saying that I like almost éverything about the fashion of that time or I just say "I like the femininity and the effort that you have to make to look good everyday". But ofcourse there is much more to it than just that.

I have asked myself this question alot of times aswell. Cause what exactly ís it that I like so much about the fashion of the 1930s and the fact that the fashion of the 1950s and newer, are much less appealing to me. I think it goes back a long time; I have never in my life dressed mainstream. Eversince I was a child I looked different from my peers and that continued to be so into my late teens till now. I know for a fact that the many guys and gals who are now into vintage, have been a gothic or were anything else of the sort, me included. And we made quite a transformation when growing towards maturity!

Some people also ask me if I never think of dressing 'like normal people' for a day or two. And the answer from my side is always a firm no. Because that's the truth; I wouldn't even dream of it. Chills go up and down my spine if I think about myself fully clad in Denim, Uggs, sneakers or the black 'garbage bag' coats with a freshly killed rabbit fur draped in the neck, hair unbrushed or roaming the streets in a tracksuit (something that becomes more popular everyday - to my sheer horror). I hope I have not offended anyone with saying this; I still believe everyone should wear what he/she wants. That is, after all, one of the pro's of living anno 2014; you won't be scrutinised for wearing something that is not done in the eyes of the common humanity. I also have the benefits of this, cause imagine what an outcast I would have been in the 1930s dressing as a Victorian. However, suffice to say that I secretly hope that one day people will put effort in their appearance again. Looking their utter best when they go out on the street. It would make the world a tad more attractive. But sadly it's a huge minority who still put effort in their appearance when they go out, being sophisticated and elegant.

I am also of opinion that you can be sexy and feminine without showing way too much skin. Nowadays the only thing you see is nudity. It is pushed into your face and you cannot escape it. But yes, sex sells and that truly wasn't any different in the 1930s but what wás a difference, is that is was not pushed in to your face. It was kept hidden and you were discreet about it. Women these days believe that they have to show their entire body to be sexy and that's sad, really. Skirts become shorter and shorter and cleavages almost show the whole bust. Last summer I saw people roaming the streets in, what looked like, undergarments. I felt embarrassed looking at it. It has nothing to do with me being a prude. I just don't think it's necessary.

Now, I don't like every fashion of my favorite era. That is the same as a person who dresses modern and who does not like all of the modern clothes. Believe me, the 1930s had some silly fashions aswell. For example, I think the skeleton dress designed by Elsa Schiaparelli is hideous. Just as her shoe hat. I would not wear it for a million dollars.

But coming back to the the question what I like the most of the 1930s fashion; the main reason why I like it, is because it's sophisticated, elegant and just darn pretty. As a little girl I liked hats and that hasn't changed throughout the years; whenever I go out on the streets, I wear a hat. It was unheared of in that time to go out on the streets without a hat. So, the 1930s gives me a reason to wear them really and this era had some pretty neat hat designs! I also like the shape of the dresses, blouses and the shoes. Yes, round toed pumps with t-straps, bows or just court shoes! What else can a woman ask for? I just lóve. the. fashion! In my opinion it shows a woman at her most beautiful; elegant and like a pretty swan. But I realise pretty darn well that this differs for most of the people out there! After all, there is no accounting for taste!

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  1. Engaging, excellent answer (to those who ask why you're drawn to the 1930s). I always love hearing about the reasons why folks are particularly enamored with certain decades, especially if they're not the ones that I tend to dress from most often myself (because if they are, chances are, our reasons are fairly similar; this way I feel like I learn more).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I agree with your perspective. However, I haven't gone so far as to go 100% vintage as you do. It is one of my goals for 2014. Thank you for being a role model!

    1. You left me speechless Melissa! Vintage (I prefer to call it nostalgic) grew towards me aswell. I admitted to myself that it felt like coming home and I knew then that I wanted to dress like this 100%. It is a lifestyle for me and this does not only count for the way I dress but also for our house.

      Good luck with you goals and if there's ever a question you want to ask me .. feel free to do so!

    2. I too live a nostalgic lifestyle.People seemed to care more about appearance.Watch footage of old ball games &men&women are dressed in ties, hats, dresses, suits. As a ballet dancer I wear a lot of leotards,workout clothes or costumes. So when I can express myself I choose to really do so,don't wish to be another American in GAP!

    3. I dress in 30's,40's,50's , I have an hourglass figure so 50's works well for me. I love Diors"new look" , I love old Hollywood glamour,Adrian designing for MGM , Joan Crawford in particular .liz Taylor Ava Gardner Lana turner Vivian Leigh . Love the clothes, elegance style ,hair and makeup. Love your blog, so half I found it a few nights ago! Wonderful!

  3. I agree with so much of what you say. I to live a nostalgic lifestyle. As a ballet dancer, I'm in lots if costumes or practice leotards, so when I can express myself, I really want to do so, not be another American in Gap.


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