Philips speaker 1929/1930

January 04, 2014

It happened one evening that I was thrifting the internet for some clothing and stumbled upon a beáutiful speaker - I fell in love materially. I knew for a fact that my boyfriend would've loved it ánd we have searched for quite a while for a beautiful speaker ( and a new radio also, because we are using a German WWII one now and I am not so keen on it cause it belonged to the Nazi's once and that shows ... you know what I mean? (Ben is a German WWII memorabilia collector )). Anyway, I made a bid and waited. The seller answered me that it was mine if I still wanted it. Ben was really surprised and happy.

The speaker is the Philips speaker No. 2019 and was introduced in 1929. It's quite rare now and I got it for a fairly cheap price which really surprised me. The original speaker cloth is still present and the material of the speaker is "philite"'. What we want to do, is search for the radio that was a popular choice to combine this speaker with. And we want to build in a system, just like we did with the German one, to play music from that time as if it's coming from the radio/speaker! Hey, who needs a television when you can enjoy pretty music at the radio!

I am really happy with this speaker and so is Ben. I did not expect it to be elsewise to be honest! Hopefully we'll be able to find the desired radio, too, soon but I guess I won't be as lucky to get it for a cheap price like I did with this speaker!

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  1. Wauw, die is werkelijk prachtig!

  2. This is beautiful. Found your blog whilst I was Googling for something else, and I am glad I did. Inspiring :) Keep it going.

  3. Found your blog whist doing a search via Google for something else, and I am glad I did. Such an inspiring and knowledgeable person you are. And this speaker is just lovely - what an amazing and elegant design too. Keep it going :)

  4. It's really beautiful. I love the classic deco lines and fun heptagon shape. One encounters seven sides in design and decor far less than six or eight, so it really helps this fantastic vintage speaker stand out all the more.

    ♥ Jessica


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