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January 25, 2014

Thursday this week we had an interview and photosession for a national newspaper De Stentor. The article was published today, so ofcourse as soon as we rose from our bed we snatched up this newspaper. The journalist said it wouldn't be a large article but I beg to differ; two pages!

Our quotes and words are a bit altered by the journalist, sadly (e.g: Ben díd know Sigmund Freud lived in the 1930s but the article makes it seem as if he didn't), and the quotes underneath our portrait photos should be the other way round! I am sorry for those who don't speak Dutch, but hopefully I can translate it as soon as possible or an online translator can be your friend ofcourse!

Overall the article is ok, I think!

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  1. How neat! A large article though? That's rather funny. Looking great as always! I especially love the photo of you dancing to the record. It's so glamorous!

  2. Oh dear, that's a shame that the interviewer couldn't do a better job of keeping the quotes you guys gave straight and of painting you in a more favourable light. I'm sure though that it must be thrilling to appear in a newspaper! I've been in magazines for stories relating to my vintage life and blog (and gave a BBC radio interview once), but to date no newspapers. I wonder, if I was, if they'd muddle things up a bit, too. Only time will tell!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I'm so curious about what is written in this article, it's rather exciting each time I see an article about you and Ben. The other time I used an online translator and work fine. Anyway, I like the layout and it's lovely that occupied 2 entire pages! Congratulations dear glamorous lady! :-)

    Miss Beta

    PS - I hope you could get some sleep last night. It's horrible when that happens before a big day. It happens too many times sadly.

  4. Wat een groot artikel! Leuk zeg. Aan de andere kant vind ik de kwaliteit van schrijven van de journalist maar matig. Vooral inderdaad het stuk over Freud. Ik vind het wel goed dat de grote tijdschriften steeds vaker berichten over vroeger en mensen die zich daarmee verbonden voelen. Hier in Nederland heb ik het idee dat het langzaam begint te leven, maar onder de jongeren is het toch nog een zeldzaam iets. In Zweden echter zijn er heel erg veel jongeren die zich zoals vroeger kleden, de grootste subcultuur heet Rockabilly, en slaat op mensen die zich kleden van jaren '30 tot en met jaren '60. Zomaar een leuk weetje.


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