New year's eve

January 01, 2014

1930s New Year's eve radio show ...

I hope that you had a wonderful turn of the year. I had, certainly. It was one of the most quiet and relaxing New Years celebrations that I had in years ... perhaps due to the fact that I did not infuse myself with alcohol. Last year Ben and I celebrated New Years eve in Antwerp but Ben got awefully sick that night so we were happy to go home the following day. This year we decided to stay at home to celebrate it for the first time in our 'new' house.

We didn't bought any fireworks, fireworks scares me to death to be honest, and that fear was emphazised when we saw the neighbors across the street got hit full frontal by a rocket. Another one lost his hand. I love to see some firework, definitely, and this year people had some wonderful decorative fireworks which was stunning with the Wijnhuis tower as a backdrop.

I ate Oliebollen (Dutch doughnuts) as if these were my last on earth. And although we quit alcohol, we did wanted to have a little bit the idea of us drinking champagne and thus we bought children's champagne "Jip and Janneke". And that was quite tasty, too! I poured some N/A Cranberry cocktail, too.

We don't have a television like most people do, thus we decided to listen to a New Years eve radioshow from the 1930s and chat the hours away. It was very enjoyable but so different from the New Years eve celebrations that I used to know. But I liked it this way! And dear, was I happy that I didn't woke up with a monstrosity of a hangover! 

Tomorrow it is time to remove the Christmas tree and store away my antique ornaments in boxes again. Sad to see it go but I also welcomingly embrace the daily routine of normal life again. And a clean house; our Christmas tree was disposing itself of it's needles, abundantly, and my ornaments. Lucky for me nothing broke this year! 

Have a great 2014, readers! That it may bring you what you wish for!

Darn! Flaked nailpolish!

Eating as a Neanderthal. Ben can do that.

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  1. That sounds like a thoroughly wonder NYE to me. I love lowkey, fun filled celebrations filled with tasty foods and peaceful moments like that - and agree about the dangers of handling fireworks yourself. My parents used to shoot them off for Halloween when we kids and nothing bad ever happened to them, but each year you'd hear similar stories to the ones you shared here. So sad!

    I hope that all of 2014 is as sweet and fabulous for you as those scrumptious doughnuts!
    ♥ Jessica


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