New 1940s dress with bolero

January 23, 2014

Today I received a new 1940s dress (I really needed a new one) with a matching bolero. The dress needs to be altered a little bit (I need to lengthen the hem, as it ends on my knees and I prefer my dresses to end below the knee) so I am going to show you the bolero only today and the dress in it's entirety later! I couldn't wait showing you the bolero and,, by the by it has been quite a while ago that I posted something outfit related.

The bolero has beautiful turquoise beads - usually I don't like the color turquoise, but with beads it's ok!

Don't look at my frizzy hair! My hair is in dire need of a good dye and cut again!

Today I also had an interview and photoshoot for a national newspaper De Stentor. It will be in the stores this saturday! But ofcourse I'll scan it and put it online :-)

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  1. Oh how lovely! I just love this look on you, its like I've stepped back into time when I saw this. Your hair is one of the most perfect styles I've ever seen and you eyebrows are beautiful. I love the way you pose. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  2. Oh, the dress is perfect with the bolero! I can't wait to read your interview and photoshoot, it's always so interesting.
    And don't worry about your hair, it's just wonderful! I would die to have hair like that, but curls aren't easy in my big (and sometimes) exploded hair... Some hairspray and bobby pins can change a lot but sometimes it's just a day that my hair needs to in a snood.

    xoxo Emma

  3. I'm impressed with the prettiness of this bolero. Look at the details! I also love the cut of the dress. Beautiful!

    Miss Beta

  4. Timelessly, immensely pretty ensemble. I love the little flashes of twinkle and turquoise, they bring a whole new dimension of life to this terrific 40s set.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You look gorgeous^^ And that bolero is adorable with all the beautiful beading.


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