Innocent, unspoiled Norma Jeane and lonely Marilyn

January 31, 2014

Norma Jeane in the late 1940s

Wednesday this week, I had an appointment in my former hometown Apeldoorn. I thought, whilst being there anyway, why not drop off at my favorite bookstore and treat myself to some books. I devour books and, as you know, especially from tragic actresses. My favorite bookstore owns many second hand books and alot of them contain (auto)biographies. Alas, the store was closed with as reason they have closed their doors for a strategic reoriëntation! I went for nothing through an almost unbearable cold and with sore feet - I chose the wrong vintage shoes to drift in Apeldoorn's shopping centre. I was quite dissapointed it wasn't opened and I visited some other bookstores, where I couldn't quite find what I was looking for.

I took the train back to Zutphen and decided I would visit some other bookstores there. If I have set my mind to something, I really want to do it right at that moment; I was frozen with sore feet but I was going. I was out of books so I needed them.

I found three magnificent books about Marilyn Monroe. One contains recent found diary fragments, letters and poems of Marilyn, and the other books are memoirs of the photographer, Andre de Dienes, she worked with when beginning her modelling career, and who would give her the step to becoming the famed Marilyn Monroe. Reading the diary fragments of the book, titled 'Fragments', feels wrong in a way. You intrude her deepest thought about sadness, loneliness and her being tired of people. Yet you cannot stop reading as it unfolds something of the mysterious woman who felt so desperate, yet acted as if éverything was ok. Who dares to say she wasn't a good actress!?

Let's have a look!


Andre de Dienes - Marilyn Memoirs

Andre de Dienes - Marilyn photographs

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  1. I think that Marilyn had a very inspiring life and that it ended to soon but she had so a really hard life. She lost her mother on a very young age and didn't really had the best education but she still made something beautiful from her life and tried to give her the best, something that wasn't always that easy.
    She a person that we'll always remember and not only by her photographs, movies or songs but also by the person that she was!

    xoxo Emma

    1. Marilyn is my inspiration for years and years already. I have devoured every book written about her. Her life was very hard and I recognize so much - perhaps that makes her one of my favorites.

      She didn't really lost her mother - in a way she did ofcourse - as her mother was not dead. She was taken in in a mental institution for schizophrenia. Marilyn took care of her mother until her death in 1962.

    2. I've got the book 'Marilyn in woorden, foto's en muziek' from Richard Havers and Richard Evans. It's a wonderful book, with so much information. From the moment when she was born till now... And what I also love about the book is that they show both sides of her life, not only her life as actress and something they don't really mention in the book is all the mysteries about her dead, we should remember her as an amazing actress and singer!

  2. Marilyn is such an icon for almost everything. Beauty, glamour, fashion, hard life... you name it. She is very inspiring to me and I enjoy reading about her and seeing her movies. I'm glad you made this post, and I especially liked the little moving pictures.

  3. One of the most beautiful and sensible actress ever,love her!

  4. These are marvelous reads for sure. I personally liked MM's look even more in her earlier Norma Jean days, but truly think she was an unbridled beauty and great talent in both halves of your tragically short life.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Oh, beautiful, charismatic, funny and talented. She is a top icon indeed! Like Jessica, I find earlier Norma Jean amazing! Jovial, playful with a natural charisma. What a lovely gal she was :-)

    Miss Beta


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