1930s skincare

Just like many women I love to pamper myself; just a couple of hours in the evening to have quality time for myself where I treat my skin, hands, feet  and hair. But although I love it very much and more so when I am finished, I don't do it often enough. This, usually, because I have so many other things to do. I don't take the time for it which is rather silly, as it doesn't have to take too much of your precious time.

My vast routine is removing all the cream and makeup I applied during the day with a soft makeup remover that contains Aloë vera and an eye makeup remover also with Aloë vera. I have a very sensitive skin that dries out easily so Aloë vera is a necessity and works miracles for my skin. I rinse the makeup remover with ice cold (rose)water. The feeling I get from this is so fresh - even in colder seasons I love to do this. You really have to bite the bullet with it in the cold, early mornings I admit, but afterwards you surely are awake! Now, who needs coffee anyway? ;-)

But so far for my vast routine! What about facial masks and peels? Like I said; I don't do it often enough ... but when I do I like to do it according the book "Moderne schoonheids- en gezondheidsverzorging" (Modern beauty and health treatment - translated) written by Anka Welman in the 1930s. Yesterday I grabbed a cup of my favorite tea, installed myself behind my vanity table and concocted a few home made facials (I was totally un-glamorous with my hair in rollers and an egg yolk facial mask applied to my face) and decided to share some skincare tips from the book with you. I will not post them all at once but spread over the week.

According to Anka Welman:
"The skin is not only a kind of health barometer but also, when neglected or treated unwise, the first thing to show you are ageing. Not to mention that even the most beautiful face, with an unkempt skin, does not come to full advantage, while another who has a less prettier face makes a much nicer impression merely by it's pure complexion.

The facial skin should be cleansed twice a day (in the morning and evening) with water and and a good cleanser (either that be oil, cream or lotion). When one uses warm water in the evening, one can handle cold water in the morning. You can also treat your skin with olive oil, lanoline and distilled water. Spiritus of camphor is an excellent disinfectant and especially advisable for a skin that is affected by blackheads, pimples, etc.

In the morning it's refreshing and recommended to wash your face with cold water, but the face should also be washed with warm water several times a week - for about a minute long - and then you can bet the face with chamomile tea, warm milk or spiritus of camphor and then rinse it off with cold water for three minutes long.

Please take note that the cleansed facial skin every now and then should remain in her natural state without creams - at night - so that it can function completely undisturbed."

Chamomile bath
"A rare beautifying and relaxing effect- especially suitable for the sensitive skin - has the following thorough way of cleansing: pour one and a half liter over a handful of Chamomile and set it aside for five minutes and strain. In this hot chamomile infusion, put two washcloths and put one of them, warm, on your face until it cools down and repeat the same with the other. After six minutes dab the face with a soft cloth dipped in cold water each time till the face feels cool.

Egg yolk mask
An old, cheap and very good treatment is a facial mask containing egg yolk. Beat the egg yolk - you can add some oatmeal if you wish - and apply on a thorough cleansed face and wash it off after 15 to 30 minutes. You can also make a facial mask containing an egg yolk, a teaspoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey. Mix and apply to face and wash it off after 30 minutes."


  1. I also love beauty treatments, mostly vintage,although I do get a facial occasionally&use a retinol cream at night. I collect vintage

  2. I collect vintage charm/beauty books.Started at 13. A favorite is LillyDaches Glamour Book, 1954.She

  3. So you inspired me to start a blog! Hope i can do it! I have all of these vintage charm and glamour books, so I thought I could share that info, as well as what it's like living vintage in a small southern town. Lots of info about great stars of past and movies and books.Also, ballet will probably make some posts as my husband and I were principal ballet dancers for about 11 years and travelled the world. We were injured in car by drunk driver, so professional dancing want possible any more. So we opened a ballet school, where I teach. He does too, from time to time, but he went back to college&medical school& is small town Dr. now. Thinking of calling blog, Lady Genevieve's Nostalgia: Vintage Charm, Grace,Style, and Glamour. It's available ,address is I think, ladygenevievemariesnostalgicglamour. blogspot. I'd love to trade emails, I'd love any advice you have . God bless !

    1. Hi Genevieve, I tried to open the link to your blog but I unfortunately got a warning that it did not excist. I would love to follow you so let me know when it's up!

      My email can be found at the bottom of my blog and you can email me anytime!

  4. I love classic homemade beauty recipes like this. Much like yourself, I have sensitive (and dry) skin and find most store bought beauty products far too harsh for me (especially if they have dyes and/or perfumes), but most homemade ones with natural ingredients are a-okay. One that I've been doing for years is combining Greek yogurt and honey with papaya for a lovely skin regenerating mask. It smells (and tastes! :)) great and really works!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh I have never tried that one. It sounds good so I might buy the ingredients when I am doing my groceries! Thank you very much for the tip! xxx

  5. Dear Lindsay, I enjoyed so much reading this post. I have extremely sensitive skin and reacts to almost anything that I put on. Tends to get irritated and dry. There's only one product that my skin tolerates and was hard to find it. I think I will try Chamomile bath for sure! I never thought of it and it must be wonderfully relaxing for my skin.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)

    Miss Beta

    1. I am glad I can be of help! Let me know how your skin reacted to the Chamomile!

  6. Apply the tomato pulp to your blackheads and whiteheads before going to bed. my site


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