Warning: pre-code photo ;-)

December 12, 2013

Sin in soft focus ...

Silly joke of me, that title. But I am sure you know I am referring to the Pre-Code Hollywood period ( which was adopted in 1934) where nudity, infidelity, promiscuity, intense violence, sexual innuendo and illegal drug use among many other naughty things were still allowed in movies (I am also sure old movie aficionados all know the movie with Hedy Lamarr in it, where she is clearly showing an orgasm, in close up, in the movie Ecstacy, and where she is running around nude). 

I am wearing my new What Katie Did bra. The 1940s satin peach bra that is made from an original WWII pattern. I am smitten with it! It's beautiful, comfortable and sexy! I advocate original 1930s and 1940s clothing but with lingerie I prefer to wear perfectly made reproduction and that you can leave to What Katie Did. I am a big, big fan of them.

This 1940s bra has the typical pointy shape that was worn in the 1940s. I swear with that shape as it makes the shaping of my original 1930s/40s clothing much better!

You can buy this bra *here*.

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  1. Love pi ups! And precode movies, Hayes Office was crazy. I've read a lot about studio system . Is there good support in bra ?


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