Sultry early 1930s satin pumps

December 07, 2013

Oh ... *sigh* ... shoes! You know, beside Ben and my cat Figaro, shoes are the love of my life. And I have many. Actually too many but ... well ... you know what they say: a woman can never have too many shoes. And coming to think of it; that is my slogan. I wouldn't be surprised if my relatives engrave "Here lies Lindsay Lane, beloved owner of too many shoes" on my gravestone when I passed away. A gravestone in the shape of a shoe ofcourse.

          Jean Harlow-ish sultry pumps ...
Everytime when I order a new pair (or actually a new old pair) of shoes and they arrive, I think "and this is enough. Go spend your money on other things, or something, but not shoes". But I cannot keep that promise to myself cause somehow my fingers, without my knowing it - honestly -  go to Etsy, Marktplaats or Ebay and álways find another pair that simply hás to be added to my ever growing collection of vintage shoes. That was cértainly the case with my latest pair of shoes; early 1930s satin shoes. You knów my obsession with the Golden Hollywood of the 1930s and these just scréamed JEAN HARLOW to me. I had to have them - it was easy as that. I was unreasonably impatient when I saw, after a week, that the seller hadn't posted them yet, so I emailed her. She kept apologizing and posted them that very same day. I felt reaaaally terrible when I opened the package and saw that she added vintage seamed stockings along with the shoes for free to emphazise her apologies. Grrrr ... I become so unreasonable when it's about shoes and waiting for packages. I am like a little spoilt kid that cannot patiently wait for packages to arrive; yes that's the unmannerliness side of me. I know ... it's terrible.

But anyway, my Jean Harlow-ish shoes! I bet you are curious, aren't you?

Aren't they sultry? I was looking for 'plain black court shoes' that I can even wear in the wintertime because I have plenty of shoes with peeptoes or slingback heels, straps or bows and I don't always and only want to wear Oxfords in the colder seasons although I really love those, too. I was also searching for shoes that I could wear at Christmas and New Years eve. Most of the time my shoes are corded or suedes; I never owned satin pumps, so yeah obviously when I saw these my glamorous heart skipped a beat and I had to have them. I love the shape of the heel; indeed very Hollywood and Jean Harlow like. Not convinced?

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  1. Be still my fellow shoe loving heart, this post is magnificent! Instead of a wishlist, I should just send the link to this post to Santa along with the words "Pretty please". :)

    ♥ Jessica


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