Christmas fleamarket loot (baubles? Yes also!)

December 27, 2013

A small indication of the food I ate on the first day of Christmas. My mother and younger sister worked so hard to achieve all this. And it was só delicious!


A wonderful Christmas ...
Oh, I had such a wonderful Christmas and I hope you had, too! Ben and I spent Christmas eve at my father and his wife's house and ate tapas till my girdle bursted. From them, Ben and I were gifted a dinner coupon! Yay! We live above a restaurant eversince we came to live in Zutphen but never dined there. We have a good excuse now! We spent the first day of Christmas at my mothers house together with my grandmother, younger sister Melissa, and a dear friend of my mothers. Ben and I received marvelous presents; useful things for the household - just what we wanted. My mother asked if we wanted to stay the night over but we decided to travel back to Zutphen late in the evening, so to not leave the cat alone. I know, sillyness but he's my baby and can't be alone very well.

Fleamarkets, fleamarkets, fleamarkets ...
On the second day of Christmas Ben and I woke up early (we can since we quit alcohol and didn't infuse ourselves with liquor on Christmas day and do not experience any form of hangover anymore ( and which I do not miss at all )) to visit a Christmas fleamarket in Zutphen. We decided, after thrifting that fleamarket, to pay a visit to another fleamarket in my former residence Apeldoorn. Later that day we watched Christmas movies from the 1940s and that was a joy!

Anyway .. the fleamarket! The reason why I visit Christmas fleamarkets, is to expand my collection of antique Christmas ornaments (I can hear you think: oh no here she comes again). I was not at all dissapointed by what I found this time - I found more in my former residence Apeldoorn than I did in Zutphen. Both these fleamarkets have great stuff and never fails on me. The fortunate fact about Christmas fleamarkets, is that people are in good spirit and want to get rid of their stuff quickly. If you want to have Christmas ornaments galore to pick from, then I recommed thrifting the Christmas fleamarkets ... that is if you have nothing else important to do!

A box of tiny feather tree ornaments. One of them is a rare unsilvered one. The box was actually 30€ but the woman who sold it knew it would go to a good home and said it would be 20€ for us and threw in a package of 1930s bobby pins. I found these ornaments in Apeldoorn and I was in heaven. I love the fleamarket in my former residence; people know us there and we made some great contacts throughout the years. It's always a joy to meet these people again.

The unsilvered ornament
Ornament from the 1930s - also found in Apeldoorn. This woman had an amázing collection. She had ornaments from 1800/1900 till the 1950s. She had éverything and also many rare ones. But she was also very pricey and since Ben and I spent a great deal of money already, I decided to just buy one - because I loved it and because I threw in a bit of strategy.  This ornament was one of the cheapest (and happens to be pretty, too) and was 5€, but the woman said we could have it for 3€! Yay!
A little figurine that I also found in Apeldoorn - just for 2€.
Found this beautiful bunch of grapes in Zutphen. I forgot the price but it wasn't expensive.
Eversince I was a little child I loved the glass birds in the Christmas tree ... but what I loved the most were the cockatoo's (I am crazy for parrots). The woman I got this one from, in Zutphen, was not very honest (or just ignorant) of the age of the ornaments so I was careful and reluctant to buy from her but I couldn't resist this bird. Quite pricey, too! It's not as old as most of my ornaments.
Brought these home, too.
Tea infuser dating pre-1950s, cannot have too many. Tea all the way!
1930s game of domino's
Three enameled cans for sugar, coffee and tea that were very popular in the Netherlands during our favorite era (Reseda green - we collect enameled Reseda green kitchenary)

And a bucket in the aforementioned color.

Tell me please; how was your Christmas? What did you do? 
For me, it's now time to focus on New Years eve and, perhaps, talk less about Christmas ornaments? Perhaps so! I must admit that the dropping needles from our Christmas tree begins to tire me a bit! ;-) And secretly I cannot wait to tear it all down. The collection, however, will still growing but more about that next year! So you better be prepared !

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  1. We also have some very old Christmas ornaments, I am so fond of them :) We had the 1950's Christmas tree lights but unfortunately they stopped working last year... for our whole family they were a real blast from the past!
    Otherwise our Christmas was very traditional - we spent it at our country house, visited the graveyards and ate loads of Christmas food.

    I don't remember having left a comment before although I've read your blog for ages (also the earlier one)! :) This is definitely one of my favorite blogs and I always look forward to your next posts. I really like it how all those things you introduce here are actually vintage. I'm not a big fan of all those things you see everywhere that are just made to look old…. :)
    - Pihla, So Much Story

  2. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! That Christmas feast looks incredible, I especially love those little penguins. Some very lovely finds and ornaments that you found at the Christmas Flea Market. How lovely that the first lady gave you a good deal.
    I spent my Christmas with everyone at home, my siblings and their partners came home too. Had lunch together, and then I spent the evening with my boyfriend congratulating the birth of his new baby cousin on Christmas Eve.

  3. Such wonderfully lovely Christmas (and flea market) treasures and nibbles. Your home and table are so festively inviting and beautiful.

    ♥ Jessica


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