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December 10, 2013

Diamonds and pearls ...
One of the nicest things of Christmas, is that you are allowed to go crazy with dressing up. Something I do every day, as glamorous as my wardrobe allows me, but I do have some boundaries ofcourse. I do not go to the market whilst dressed up in a long dress with a glitter here and there, a fur coat, satin heels, diamonds and pearls in my hair and my hands elegantly enveloped in elbow long, satin gloves ... you get the picture. But with Christmas it's all allowed. That is one of the many reasons why I love Christmas. I allow myself to eat way too much (which I happily repeat a couple of days later with fat fritters and feeble apple beignets), I allow myself to get weak knees whilst watching Jimmy Stewart in the Christmas movie 'It's a wonderful life' and get a lump in my throat while singing along with Christmas crooners together with family. Nothing is too crazy for Christmas! No?

Every year when Christmas is almost knocking on the doors, I leaf deeply focused through books, magazines, photos, websites (and this year Pinterest included) that have 1930s fashion galore. Recently I am starting to develop a passion for the early years of the 1930s - fashionwise. The long skirts and dresses with lovely details, romantic blouses, short fingerwaved hairdos and little hats appeal to me the most. See photo below for example. These outfits shown below inspire me a great deal in helping me putting a nice Christmas outfit together.



Gingerbread Daiquiri instead of Champagne ...
The colors of my Christmas outfits are usually tuned to the colors of Christmas; evergreen, burgundy, gold or silver. And whilst my makeup is matte, usually, with Christmas it is glitter-ish. I don't were jewellery often but with Christmas I love me some diamond bracelets. Shoes with T-straps and a lovely purse. Most of the time around Christmas I was always to be found with a glass of Champagne in my dainty hands (which are manicured and decorated with a deep burgundy nailpolish) but it will be a non-alcoholic Gingerbread Daiquiri this time. (I will put up a recipe for this at my wartime cooking blog soon, it's festive and delicious)

Do you have thought about your Christmas attire yet?

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  1. I bought a beautiful 40s dress some months ago which is black and decorated with embroidery and Pearls around the waist. That's going to be my outfit with beautiful black 40s shoes and of course a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. I'm looking forward to wearing it, as it'll be the first time it'll come out of the closet!

  2. I love how you described some of the best perks of the season - from feasting on foods that are normally massive treats but which become second nature in late December to going all out on your holiday attire. This really is the time of the year when one can let loose, have as much fun as they want, and dress to the nines, and I adore every moment of it!

    ♥ Jessica


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