Christmas dinner

Christmas tree lane, circa 1930s

Christmas comes but once a year. And when it does, it brings much cheer ...

Christmas is approaching rapidly, and although I don't like the stress that comes along with it, usually, I really enjoy it now. This is our first Christmas in our home in Zutphen and I cannot wait to start decorating it, pick our fresh tree and decorate it with our antique balls and bells and selfmade cranberry garlands (more about those tomorrow). When I lived with my mother and younger sister, it were usually them who did the cooking, or we ordered a cold buffet that we had delivered all ready to the last gaiter-button to our house, prepared by an exclusive restaurant. I really really enjoy cooking and, if you follow my wartime cookery blog ( , you must have noticed that. I will soon start to make recipes in the line of Christmas from both the 1930s and 1940s and I will share them with you on my cookery blog. Just like this one, my other blog will become a source of Christmas inspiration, too, but then food-wise. Next week, if all goes well, we will receive our Art Deco Christmas tree stand, originally from the 1930s, which we bought in Germany and then we can pick our Christmas tree. I am so looking forward to that! 

While I will celebrate Heiligabend at my father and Christmas day at my mother, Ben and I decided to stay home on the second day of Christmas and cook the most delicious wartime and Great depression era recipes. You might think that it will become a dull feast ... but on the contrary. I saw some mouthwatering ones passed in review already. Most of the pies include Brandy but I need to leave that out because I don't drink (anymore). This week, I grabbed a cup of Primrose tea with honey, played Christmas crooners from ye olden days on our old radio ( ok, busted, it's actually an MP3 player attached to the old radio speakers. It gives the sound as if the radio is really playing ) and thrifted the internet and my cookery books for the most delicious Christmas cookies, candy and pastries. Here are a few recipes from 1945 I want to share with you:


  1. Thoughts of the coming holiday feast where at the heart of our conversation this evening too, while at my mom and step-dad's house, as that's where we'll happily be spending this Christmas Day (we live about five minutes away from each other, which is uber handy for holiday get-togethers and any ol' time we want to visit). Old favourites and new ideas alike we put forth, with the traditional edging out and being the direction we'll be going in (yay!).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. yes you are right, christmas dinner is the best thing about christmas, and I wait for this time so eagerly... I am so happy that few days are only left for it.


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