Christmas decoration overload

December 07, 2013

All dressed up in stardust and tinsel ...

Finally I could start with the decoration of the Christmas tree. I have looked forward to this already when november was getting at it's end. I am very happy, as today we got our real Christmas tree. We bought this one at our favorite recycle store in Warnsveld and we even got discount because we came there so often! How amazing is that? It's a lovely tree!

This afternoon we started by making the garlands with cranberries and popcorn like they often did in the 1930s. We even used thread from the 1930s, crazy huh? We also have a string of lights from the 1950s in the tree and they work! It's lovely, lovely, lovely! 

Without further ado, here are the photos!
(The tree will be decorated further, the fake snow will be added later so more photos will come).

Our 1930s Art Deco tree stand from Germany

1920s and 1930s cardboard decorations

Cranberries for decorating a garland

Lametta added.

We recreated a tree as much we could to the trees of the 1930s. The candles really do their job! It's a pity that we cannot lit them (except quickly for the photo).

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  1. What a festive, immensely pretty job of decorating you've done. That vintage tree stand is such a cool find! It really adds to the yesteryear feel of your decor.

    Happy holiday wishes, my sweet friend!
    ♥ Jessica


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