Christmas Chenille pipe cleaner figurines

December 24, 2013

An embarrassing addiction ...
It's becoming a liiiiiittle bit embarrassing to keep bothering you with new found ornaments, I admit it! But hey, Christmas is still on it's way and the tree may remain till the 6th of january. Finding Christmas ornaments is giving me much satisfaction and a bit of a stress relieving feeling in these busy days of buying Christmas presents and food, where long lines are waiting at the checkout.

I very am delighted with this box of goodies, as the date of the two rare pipe cleaner figures have been dated 1935. The other ornaments are also from the 1930s, but I love it if something has a specific date. I had some therapy today where I had to drive through the rain and storm with a pretty neat hairdo (cause this Heiligabend I will dine at my fathers house and one wants to look tip top) that drooped all the way down. Alas. But when I came home after an enervating hour, I immediately grabbed a cup of delicious Velvet tea (a hodgepodge of herbs that are good for a sore throat), sat myself down in the most comfiest chair and opened the box! I heard some angels sing in a far distance, I believe, and Ben laughed at me cause he said I was panting when I saw the ornaments. Yes, I am that addicted.

Museum pieces ...
The ornaments were actually meant for a museum but it was cancelled somehow and the beautiful ornaments came my way. Do I mind? No ... not at all!

I am very happy with the pipe cleaner figurines. They are rare. Handmade and just stunning. The pipe cleaner ornaments were popular from the early 20th century till the 1960s. Mine are from 1935. Pipe cleaners were all constructed by hand and thus all are slightly different.

Well, I cannot stay any longer! It's time for a refreshing shower and make preparations for a dinner for the 2nd day of Christmas, do more groceries and dress up for tonights dinner!

Merry Christmas lovely readers! Make the most of it!

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  1. Oh my Gosh! The pipe cleaner figurines are amazing! How cute. And I have to mention the stunning unsilvered bird from the other post before. What a pretty little thing. You are very lucky! And it's well deserved, they found the perfect home. :-)

    Merry Christmas!

    Miss Beta

  2. It's awesome how well those pipe cleaners have held up - their colours are as vibrant as a rainbow. I've so enjoyed all of your holiday ornament posts this year, sweet Lindsay, thank you for sharing them with us.

    ♥ Jessica


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