Christmas bauble loot

December 20, 2013

Lindsay ... more? Really?
In my post of yesterday I already mentioned that I would write anóther post where I would show you my Christmas bauble loot that I thrifted. I am aware that it might bore others ... but I am so totally soaked up in the Christmas crazy-ness. I was a bit shocked, though, when I looked at the calendar to see that Christmas is already so close and while I have most of the presents for family already, I still need to buy alot. Ingredients, more gifts, Christmas cards (shame on me for being so late!), and Christmas baubles. ...wait ... WHAT? More? Why, yes ofcourse!

The lovely fact is, that today I found me another load. Around the corner!! In a Brocanterie & Chocolatery called 'Heerlyck Goed'. I love that shop. Usually I am not fond of Brocanterie shops, as they have the most amazing antique furniture painted white. Yes very painful. I know. But this shop also sells reaallllly old stuff, all sorts of stuff and I am feeling like a little kid there, really. The shop makes me thoroughly happy and the people there are such nice people! It's called 'Heerlyck Goed' and you can find them in the Lange Hofstraat 7, in Zutphen'. It's literally around the corner for us.

Unsilvered birdy and Santa ...
Now, Ben bought a couple of ornaments there already but he said I had to come with him to thrift together and see what we would bring home. Most of the ornaments were from the 1950s but they had some old ones aswell - and even two unsilvered ones from the 1940s. They weren't for sale those two, as they were displayed in the Christmas tree in the chocolatery but she made an exception for us and I didn't made her say that twice. We also have Poland ornaments and one from Czechoslovakia.

This unsilvered Santa has a burn mark. One thinks because of the candles in a Christmas tree! It's such a tiny Santa. And very fragile, too. Cap is not the ornaments original.

Polish handpainted ornament.

Unsilvered bird. A true treasure. WWII unsilvered ornaments are very collectable.

Polish bauble. The teardrop is my favorite. Really hope to find me one, sometime, someday.

Yes that's me sitting in the middle, wearing my boyfriends German service shirt (re-enactment).

Not finished, yet ...
And we are not finished yet, just like my collecting Christmas ornaments. I collect this for quite a while now and this collection even grows in summer (it always feels odd to buy old ornaments in weather where the birds drop dead from their trees). On the 26th of december there's a Christmas market and I am sure being part of that! 

I am afraid I gave you all a trauma of Christmas ornaments, no?

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  1. That silver bird is so, so wonderfully beautiful! What a rare, special and twinklingly fantastic find!

    ♥ Jessica


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