Another portrait

December 11, 2013

Sipping tea and eating chocolate in white satin nightgowns ...

I thought I would share this latest portrait of me. Also to show you my almost white-ish hair. Ben affectionately nicknamed me 'Blondl'. I love to combine this haircolor with white satin; and I can cause I am bedridden due to stomach ache; so all I do is laying in bed with a white satin nightgown eating chocolate all day, sipping tea and watching old movies whilst polishing my nails blood red. I usually hate to lay in bed at day time but I needed this rest desperately and decided to make the most of it and listen to my body and let it relax for once. It was a completely unproductive day (something I cannot stand usually - I always have to do sómething ) but a good day nonetheless and that's what matters, right?

The only thing missing, is a bed like Jean's in Dinner at Eight

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  1. Wow! Beautiful, just like always!

  2. Dear Lindsay, your new portrait is beautiful! Your hair looks perfect and you're just a Hollywood star :-) . You don't look similar to one of them stars from the silver screen, you are one. You have your own identity and special traces that defines Lindsay Lane.

    You deserve rest in bed for some time, your body needs it. Just enjoy it! Look at Jean's, how glamorous she looks in bed. I love the heart shape pillow behind her. Everything shines!

    You will be shinning too!

    Miss Beta

  3. What a stunning, timelessly gorgeous work of photographic art.

    I'm precisely the same way - even when I'm bedridden (as I frequently am for much of the any given month), I still like to try and be at leas somewhat productive (be it online, writing letters, reading books, etc). It's good to truly rest sometimes though for sure, even if doing so seems counterintuitive to our natures.

    Healing hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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