Tea, magazines and plaid skirts

November 13, 2013

Tea is like a hug in a cup ...

What I love about the colder seasons, is that you have a valid reason to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, a cup of steaming tea and magazines and cookery books. In my case, the magazines aren't about the latest home decoration trends like IKEA or the hottest winterfashion of 2013. The magazines I read take me back 70 or 80 years ago! Magazines and books with recipes from yesteryear that were new to people at the time, magazines with home decoration that was popular in the 1930s or magazines with the fashion of 1935 that was en vogue! I love it, and I love it even more when I have the heater on and when the rain is ticking against the window and the wind is howling. Somehow tea always tastes better when there's a storm going on outside.

On the pictures I had a steaming, tasty cup of Ceylon tea as I am stuck with a bit of a cold. Ceylon tea is not only a beautifier but it's healthy aswell; it has a strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial quality. What I like about Ceylon tea is that it has the same sort of 'wake up' effect coffee has; Ceylon tea contains half to a third of the amount of caffeïne a regular cup of coffee has. Whilst it still has that 'wake up' effect; it's soft and gentle on the body. One prefers coffee above tea but not always! Coffee for the mornings and tea for the afternoon!

What kind of tea do you like to drink?

Plaid skirts ....

It is also that time of the year to store away the fancy, cheery, colorful summer dresses and dust off my plaid skirts and shoo the moths away from it! It's time for woolen dresses, skirts & earthy colored clothing! I barely wear skirts; usually it's always dresses for me but this year I decided I needed a bit of variety in what I wear. I have tons of blouses and skirts, all period-perfect, and it's time that they are going to shine! It also gives me reasons to make more and more outfit posts as these clothing items have never been shown here! I thought it impossible, but it's true!

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  1. Would you believe it, I have a serious shortage of plaid skirts in my closet. I think that the main reason for that is because most (especially winter weight ones) are made of wool, which I'm allergic to (it gives me hives when I wear it), and so I typically avoid wool garments unless they're lined or I can wear them without having them come in direct contact with my skin. That said, I have seen some flannel, cotton and (even) polyester versions over the years and one of these days I really should add some of those to my wardrobe, as I do love plaid on any garment.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I have the same with wool! But I try everything within my reach to reduce the itching and whatsoever. I have had numerous of clothing items stored in the fridge over night. I have a very sensitive skin thus is doesn't always help.

      I have a bit of a love/hate affair with plaid skirts because they remind me a bit of a kilt. Some days I love it and on other days I change it for another skirt.

  2. What a wonderful title: "Tea is like a hug in a cup ..."
    It is, isn't! I absolutely love a cup of tea, specially in the Winter. Sometimes I can't wait till is a little colder to have that nice cup of lovely tea. I love herbal tea, plus a lovely black tea with a dash of milk. And just like you, I love being in the nest so nice and comfy, with some lovely vintage magazines to read, or something to knit on my needles...together with a cup of tea, it's perfect.

    I have 2 plaid vintage skirts that I love, one black and the other mint. Although the mint colour one is just a little too big for me but I love the colour. I love plaids and I have many beautiful vintage dresses with them. Before I discover the 30's and the 40's by searching on knitting patterns, I used to (and still) dress vintage dresses from Japan since I love their designs, so delicate and feminine. But this year by searching so much on knitting history, I found my favourite fashion is from 30's and 40's. And these Japanese dresses are from later, they got occidental influences after the War and changed completely the Japanese women wardrobe.

    I didn't know before but lately I've been noticing that many people are allergic to wool! My skin is very sensitive because I have epidermolysis bullosa, but I'm not allergic to wool. Although I knit the garments with very soft (for baby) wool. But there you are, I always heard wool is anti-allergic, but's not totally true, hey.

    Once I finish the bolero from the 50's for my friend I will try to knit something on synthetic super soft yarn. I need to choose a project and a nice cup of tea to accompany me!

    Today I have for reading these old vintage cooking recipes books that belong to my dad. He was a chef. And the oldest book I have of his is from the 20's, the second book is from the 40's and the third from the 50's. Inspired by you Lindsay Lane I will read them!



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