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November 29, 2013

Grab a cup of tea ...

Did you noticed I'm already sucked up in the atmosphere of Christmas? Perhaps you are not into it so much yourself (yet), so I promise I would not be offended if you click away! But if you like antique and/or vintage Christmas ornaments - like I obviously do - then I recommend you to stay and grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and relax.

Today we had the Sinterklaas celebration at my inlaws and the fortunate fact is, that my mother in law never ever throws away anything that belonged to her parents. That means we have complete sets of rare depression era glass dishes, casserole dishes, vases, coffee and teacups, cupboards, magazines, books, cutlery and so, so much more - all dated from the 1930s or 1940s. My mother in law couldn't be more happy about the fact that one of her sons (and daughter in law - me) was more than willing to take it over. The interests of Ben's brothers and sister does not lay in old 'rubbish'. You can imagine my heart skipped many beats when my mother in law told Ben that she had boxes full of Christmas ornaments that once belonged to her parents; not all of it was old but there was sure something between all the glittering Christmas decoration that wás old for sure and is dating pre-1950s. Balls, bells, Santa clauses, mushrooms, pinecones and what have ya. And there's even more on the way! Yesterday we also found a pinecone and a silver ball dating from the 1930s. I think we can decorate three trees with our collection!

Boxes full of prettiness ...

The Sinterklaas celebration was really nice and a happy happening. Ben and I came home with gifts that we really liked; Ben's sister in law gave me lots of delftware china and a book coupon. Ben got a huge stack of old Dutch magazines from the 1930s which I réally like myself, too, because it has many fashion topics in it.

But now ... ! When we thrifted through the many boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations (I admit I really felt like the kids of Ben's siblings that impatiently unwrapped their packages), we found so, so much between the modern stuff Ben's mother collected throughout the years. Some of the ornaments are even pre-1930s. Ben's mother is in her 60s and many of the ornaments were already there before she was born.

Let's have a look!

A kind stranger ...

When we came home we got another surprise! A kind-hearted stranger left a bag with items on the stairs that leads to our home; 1930s gloves and sunglasses! How sweet is that? Since we were in the newspaper with our interview many people come to tell us how lovely they thought of the article about us and that they have stuff that belonged to their (grand)parents and would like to 'donate' us. Isn't that amazing? I am speechless and we are so grateful for the stuff that have seen a history of an entire family and is coming, due to kind-spirited people, our way!

One of these days ( I promise you all I won't be talking Christmas alone all the time, no, really ... I promise) I'll put up a blogpost on how to recognize Christmas decoration pre-1950s (many people confuse GDR Christmas ornaments with old ones) and how to store them in boxes the safest way possible when Christmas is over.

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  1. Oh my Gosh! What a lucky day! I got lost looking at these such pretty little ornaments. What a special day full of priceless surprises. I'm very happy for you Miss Lindsay Lane! And Ben of course.

    Oh, and I'm certainly one of that readers that simple vibrates with your Christmas posts.
    I love it so much you know... just makes me happy like a child.

    Have a lovely evening.
    Miss Beta x

  2. Hey there!
    I saw your blog being mentioned on google+ as one of the 9 blogs worth the time. Congrats! It so nice when I accidentally find out something as amazing as that.
    I haven't been around lately (I must say I was rather tangled up in my work - what a bad excuse for the lack of time for socializing). I did managed to read your posts, but not to comment on them.

    I've given you Liebster award.
    Take a look at it:

    .. and have a lovely weekend, darling!


  3. what a magical hand made christmas decoration. This decoration is very gorgeous........


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