Perfidia #2

November 19, 2013

Between the dreams of night and day there is not so great a difference ...

I actually planned an outfit post for today but I wiped that off the table pretty soon this morning when I had to get up; I could've won an acadamy award for that zombie-like performance I gave. I haven't slept at all last night (my Twitter followers will know); I was pondering too much and suffered a reliving of trauma's ... it all rushed through my mind like a movie. It didn't helped me much that our neighbours optimized the volume of their speakers playing Hardcore 'music' till 02.30 in the middle of the night. At that time I was pretty much a wreck and decided to find some comfort in sleeping pills. Those pills make me feel (and look) like aforementioned zombie the following morning and I had to get up early as my new treatment would start (which is going to help me cut out alcohol, antidepressants and BZD's out of my life for good)

When I came back home my hair was all drooped and all scarecrow like after a trip on my bike! That wouldn't look good on a photo. It was bloody cold outside so I took a hot shower, slipped in to my pyamas and decided to make an outfit photo some other time! ... I could, however, post another result of my latest photosession. Another one I am quite satisfied with! Usually my photos are black & white - the ultimate classic photos - but colored photos are just as welcome, just for a change.

I got some really beautiful compliments on these photos and one of them really struck a chord with me! Gave me all teary eyes. It came from John E. England who commented on my '''fanpage''' on one of the photos with "Classical Hollywood personified. As ever a work of art".

My, such a big compliment to me! But I wanted to thank all of you here, on my Facebook, and/or Twitter for the wonderful compliments for these photos. They are so greatly appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. That really is an eloquent, perfectly apt description of how you look in these photos (and always, to my eyes), honey. I'd be touched to no end by it as well and am really happy that it brought a dose of joy your way. You so deserve it!

    ♥ Jessica


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