Garden Marigold tea

November 24, 2013

Ah! like gold fall the leaves in the wind ...

I know ... I said before that I don't share recipes and all of a sudden I keep sharing them; two in a row. But I want to show you something about my tea drinking habit. I have said a couple of times that I am more a coffee person - especially in the mornings - but that I like tea in the afternoon, embraced even tighter when there's a storm going on outside. Tea, more often than not accompanied by a good book in my case - whether that be a story book or a cookery book -, comforted many people during the war. Tea became on the ration list in 1940 and alot of people consulted their Victory Gardens in search for ingrediënts that could be used in tea making. I like the idea of making your own tea with your own home grown garden herbs. But yeah ... we don't have a garden in the centre of Zutphen.

A devil-do-all ...
(a dutch/belgian saying for something/someone that can do alot of chores)

I usually buy my (loose) tea from a health food shop (in the Netherlands known as reformwinkels) because I love to make my own tea and mix tea herbs that are balanced on what my body needs at that specific moment. But I also buy loose tea instead of the plain teabags (we do have them for when my brother in law visits us) because of its superiority; the chemicals and essential oils are preserved instead of evaporating when the tea is crushed. Like I said before in one of my posts; I am on new medication and those have some nasty side effects. They make me really sick (just for a week if all goes according to plan) and they give me alot of pain in the stomach area. I consulted my cookery bible 'The Hollywood cookbook for health and beauty' and found my answer in the beverage section. I needed Primrose tea; that will ease the stomach ache. But whatever health food store I visited, nobody had it in stock. Anyway ... because I was already there it wouldn't do anybody harm to bring home zillions of other tea herb bags and made an order for the Primrose. Among the many bags were dried Garden Marigold leafs. I know that Marigold is a devil-do-all; you can predict the weather with them, use them as a substitute for salt or paint wool with it and whatsoever. But they are also delicious for tea. Their healing benefits include also the stomach area. Just what I needed!

  • 1 tbs. Garden Marigold herb
  • 1 ordinary teabag (or egg)
  • 4 cups bubbling boiling water
  • raw or brown sugar (or honey)
  • light cream or lemon

Place the Garden Marigold herb and teabag in a medium size pot. Pour the furiously boiling water over them, remove the teabag, cover pot tightly and allow the herb to steep for 10 minutes. Strain and serve as ordinary tea with raw sugar, cream or lemon.

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  1. What a good expression (devil-do-all) - I think I'm going to adopt it into our daily speech here in Canada.

    Wishing you a beautiful Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica


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