Christmas baubles 1930 - 1945

Glass ornaments, 1938

Ben and I are avid Christmas ornament (1930 - 1945) collectors. Suffice to say ofcourse; our house and ourselves being a 1930s timewarp! Can you imagine us having IKEA ornaments? No, no! And besides; we don't even think of modern ornaments as pretty. And yes ... we do hang them in the tree. Luckily(!) my cat is not interested in them. Ben collected Christmas ornaments before he met me and vice versa. Ben even had a couple of WWII swastika ornaments that were just for the collector and not for the tree. To my sheer frustration he sold them. Silly Ben! Well ... not that Í would like to have them in my cheery and peaceful Christmas tree, but the collector in me always says: keep it!


On good terms ...

I consider myself lucky; Ben is on good terms with a couple of antique and recycle shops and whenever they have something from our period, they give us a call. Today we got a call as one of the shop owners had a new load of stuff and among it were Christmas ornaments. Most of them were plastic and modern ornaments or Brocante mercury glass ones, and what not. But three of the ornaments were from óur period! Just three ... among áll the ornaments from the 60s/70s/80s/90s! However, because it's so rare I treasure it even more. The teeny-tiny shop was filled to the brim with people; it felt like a can of sardines. Everyone was elbowing eachother with devilish looks of 'musthavemusthavemefirstmefirstmefirst' in their eyes! It was crazy! People were even willing to grab the things out of your hands if it's something they really liked. So I am thankful to the store owners who give us a call!


Beside the three ornaments, we also found candle holders (alot of them) for the Christmas tree. Not planning to use them with lit candles, but just for decoration! Beside these ornaments we made a very good deal on the Dutch equivalent of Ebay; we won us a couple of 1930s colorful ornaments in the shape of a pinecone. We also made some bids on ornaments from 1900 but sadly lost!

Ben is pretty skilled in recognizing old stuff (he's a gigantic WWII collector, mostly German and no not because he sympathizes with it). I am pretty skilled with history and dating items, too, but he's better at it than I am! When I look at him, carefully examining items, totally concentrated, he always reminds me of a wine taster. The man is a walking encyclopedia and I am his studious student.

Today's loot ... and more on the way!

Lusting after Christmas catalogs ...

Sears, 1937




  1. Christmas is a wonderful time for me. I always found it special and really cheerful. What nice addition you have here for your Christmas ornaments collection, aren't they lovely.

    Oh it made me laugh so much when you described Ben as a man walking encyclopaedia and you as his studious student! I could just imagine you two :-)

    I lost myself looking at these fantastic catalogues! Amazing information here. It's also funny to see how Cartoons was also included in some houses like Christmas ornaments. If I was a child I would be jumping with excitement over those ornaments like Popeye and Betty Boop. But all seam so appealing, the light bulbs and all the glittering beauties!

    Thanks so much for sharing these treasures! Beautiful.
    I can't wait to see your next additional ornaments, I hope you post them :-)

    Beta x

    1. Yes the one of Betty Boop is amazing! I have more of the catalogs on my Pinterest! I am not sure if you have an account?

    2. Dear Lindsay, I don't have a Pinterest account. Perhaps I should start some accounts such as Pinterest, Twitter and who knows even blogging :o) , so could share some things too.

      Anyway, I checked the link provided from you quite happily. Thanks so much!

      By the way, from your Pinterest I went to "Mulher Vintage" blog where I found an interview with the lovely Jip Hartog. And something funny happened. There was a question from who inspires Jip and just shown a beautiful picture above that I thought was from a beautiful Hollywood movie star...when I finally read your name in the interview and I recognise you in the picture - it was you! The beautiful Hollywood movie star :-)

      That means something, hey ;-)

      Miss Beta

  2. Christmas is the happiest festival for all christian homes. Surely The christmas decorations are will be make most effective Christmas celebrations.

    1. Well I am not a Christian but it's sure a happy festival in my home ;-)


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