Chilly, dewy afternoon walk

November 15, 2013

Finding a safe haven in nature ...

To inhale some fresh autumn air and to stretch my legs a bit, Benjamin and I decided to have a walk again; the sun was shining bright. But also to flee from our own house. Since a short while we have new neighbours; and to speak so freely (something I can do here, right?) ... those are not quite my kind of people. The street we live in has some really old houses. Ben and I live in a house of which it's carcass dates from 1330; you can imagine with those flimsy walls that it's really noisy. We live in the center of the centrum and ofcourse that comes with alot of noise. So far so good ... but our new neighbours are very, very fond of hardcore music; music that I loathe. The only thing we hear is the constant beating of the bass. That starts at 09.00 AM and ends at 02.00 PM for a whole week now. I guess they don't have to work or something. I am HSP (highly sensitive person); which means I have a high level of sensitivity to physical ( sound, sight, touch, or smell ) and/or emotional stimuli. Constantly hearing noise repeat itself ( like a bass beat in this case ) makes me feel like a caged animal going crazy and not being able to escape. It feels as if your head is going to explode and it makes you an emotional wreck. Living in the centre of Zutphen hasn't brought me any suffering as the noise of life outside does not repeat itself constantly. But the beat music does. Cross your fingers for me that they are reasonable when I go and talk to them! We have to pinpoint first where they live exactly.

Chenille and Astrakhan fur ...

And what did we both look like during our escaping in open air? I wore my 1930s astrakhan collared coat that I found a year ago at the Waterloo plein market during a shopping spree of Club Interbellum. The coat is a bit too big for me but I don't mind that being it a winter coat. The hat is also originally 1930s and has a voile decorated with chenille. Chenille, French word for Caterpillar, was a desirable material during the 1930s.

Ben is wearing an original 1940s coat, vest and tie. His hat is a reproduction which he hopes to replace for an original one very soon.

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  1. Jullie zien er allebei prachtig uit. Die laatste foto is echt perfect qua pose, belichting en compositie! Hij kan kan zo in een tijdschrift of catalogus uit 1940 komen!

    1. Dankjewel Renée! Ook namens Ben!

  2. Oh honey, as a fellow HSP (you would not believe how much my eyes lit up with excitement and joy when I saw you say that you're an HSP, too, I've not meet many fellow vintage gals over the years who were - or really, for that matter, people in general), you have my complete and total understanding and sympathy. Perhaps you could lodge a noise complainant against them with your building's landlord?

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I could, but our houses have seperate landlords and I am not sure which one they have. All of the houses are above of restaurants so I believe it's the restaurants owners who rent the apartments. I think we will go knock on doors! We might have luck!

      And wow, you are HSP too! Do you experience positive things from it, too? I know there's alot of negative things about it but certainly also positive ones. I have read a book from Elaine Aron once and that helped a great deal of understanding this HSP thing. xxx

  3. Inconsiderate neighbors are just the worst, I'm very sorry to hear that your peace and quiet has been so rudely taken away :(
    Both you and Ben look absolutely wonderful, I love how your outfits compliment each others so perfectly.

  4. What a wonderful photographs! I love the streets. And you and Ben look so well dressed! Such a nice pair. Your coat looks really nice, I love the particularity of the collar. You look very well with it and it doesn't look big at all!

    I truly hope you can do something about the noisy neighbours. I would go totally mad! Why some people simple don't care about others? I don't understand.

    My Gosh, I didn't know about HSP people. And searching a little about it, I found out that explains so much about me. Since a child. How did you girls found out about HSP? I thought that I was just different. But there are reasons to it.

    Have you noticed how much I learn with your blogs? :-)
    I always check the recipes of War Time Ration Diet too.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Beta x

    1. I found out when I was tested before I went into therapy with my psychotherapist!

    2. Lovely pictures ! You look stunning as always ! And I can't help it but I have to point out that your boyfriend looks like Ralph Fiennes SO much ! :O

      Neighbors are a real problem sometimes, I have the same clue with mine, listening to metal from morning until the evening, so loud that I can feel the walls shacking. I hope you could have a talk with them and it got better :)


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